Monday, November 7, 2011

did ya miss me?

I know out one day and little miss me just assumes you kept checking in over and over again all day and cried because I had nothing non witty to say. Well here I am. Just a busy day in the jacky hood, so you know i had shit to do and couldn't do diss...
  • Yesterday emotionally i felt something piss me off...anger boil inside me and I tackled it. I said to the anger-what has made you upset, because you know you're not just pissed, you're actually sad about something and it's made you upset because you don't like feeling sadness, anger is more powerful. I found the root of the anger, i discussed it honestly and openly and although i still have fears about some things my decision to confront my anger and call it what it really is-sadness, really helped. Try it sometime. WE all get pissy about something. Find the root. if you feel pain, then embrace the pain and let it go. I know, who needs to take advice from a whacko like me...just kidding me. I'm actually quite wise. i could be an owl. 
  • Gerry's mom made all of the married couples in her family christmas tree skirts. We never got one seeing as though we aren't married. I see some beautiful ones on Ideeli. I'm thinking that maybe Gerry and I can pick one out. i really like this one:
they have one in green too.
  • I did buy 4 items today from Hautelook for Xmas presents! i have to do it slowly so it won't hurt my wallet.
OK so i wrote half of this post about a week ago. oops. sorry guys and dolls i've been uber busy.

  • Hello New Yoga video and super sore muscles. I actually need to take two days off between exercises. I am now two lbs lighter people!!! Two pounds. i was scared of weighing myself this morning because I had a burger last night and it wouldn't be pretty. but i think i'll check tomorrow. I have to start my little diet book again, it's not really a diet but you keep track of everything you eat, drink and how much you weigh. It really makes you look at all the calories you take in daily. I saw my little book when we were cleaning up a  couple of months ago. I may have to make a new one. 
  • here's a link to the yoga program i'm doing. the hollywood trainer yoga seriously people, i feel sore, but it's a good sore. 
  • Because we all need to hear a good love song.
  • I love pinterest. It's been a while since i've been really able to have fun on it, because i've been so damn busy. I'm really hoping i get a tablet for xmas, because i want to play while Gerr is on the computer and do my yoga video and etc....Oh wait where was i going with that...uhm yeah. ok so i began following someone who I, personally, feel has horrid taste in clothing.  She'll keep posting stuff over and over and i'm actually grossed out. I know i'm terrible. What do i do?????? 
  • Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away!!!! I'm so excited! I get to make turkey at home for friends!!! I have to make sure i have everything ready....:)
  • I had a great weekend, it rained on Saturday which was actually nice. I did get to take Bella on her walk and play fetch with her. Sunday on the other hand she was a brat and we had to go home because of her behavior-she wasn't listening to me at all! She did redeem herself at the second dog park. :)
Alright luvs must go now. Have a great day and i'll come back tomorrow with something more interesting i hope. :)

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