Friday, November 18, 2011

Powder keg and giving off sparks....

i feel like a bundle of energy is trapped inside me and later on today it's christmas and i get to open presents only it's not and we're just going to the city to see fireworks, the buildings all little up and have a food truck experience that I can't wait to,  well experience... I love this time of year except i fear i may have a heart attack before it gets here because i am so excited....
i feel like this...but about the holidays....and tonight....and tomorrow...and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • i probably should practice some good breathing. Because I'm pretty damn happy.
  • Ok i am pretty sure i've share my recipe for corn muffins but here goes.
one box jiffy mix-follow the directions on the box. Add one can of creamed corn, cracked pepper over the top stir, pour into greased muffin tins. Cook for recommended time, but make sure the middles aren't gooey. serve warm. These babies are yummy. 
these are not my babies, but i thought i'd get you in the mood by looking at these golden yums.
  • I have to say it. I only a couple of more people to shop for and i'm done. can i get a woop woop. I'm pretty happy about that. Ofcourse i keep seeing things and get more excited. 
  • Already planning the christmas party-so far it's a battle of the hors d'oeuvres. which i think should be fun. I need to find out how many people will be around so i can plan accordingly.
  • I think some people don't get my intensity about gatherings and planning stuff out etc....I think some people are a bit too sensitive about it and take it the wrong way when it's just the way i am. I think i could have been a pretty good party planner if i was well balanced on ativan and any other anti anxiety cocktail thrown my way. Nonetheless next week will be fun and i expect the food will be delicious. Another round of high fives for all of us.
  • Did you know we spend 300 million dollars on Chimpanzee experimentation? Want to do something about it? want to read about it? click here read about it and send a fax people...yes a fax. please tell me you can do that. k? actually you just fill out the form and they send it for you.
  •  i'm eating a sammich and i'm thoroughly enjoying it. pastrami and turkey. oh yum.
ok all, have a great weekend and i hope it's a good precursor to turkey week! hugs and bugs.

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