Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's foggy in the Bay Area

and it has affected my brain. I woke up in a heavy fog of my own. wow...wake up Jacky!!!!
  • I do want a Hermes Bag. Remember i was making fun of it a while back? Well they're just so pretty and classic and so expensive and maybe that's why i like it. 
too cute huh...
  • so we need new silverware.somehow we're missing 4 butter knives. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN???? where do butter knives go? on vacation? to the arctic ocean? where they borrowed by the Easter bunny? i mean where??? it's going to drive me crazy.
  • I heard on the news last night that some priest from the Vatican thinks that Yoga is the devils work. I had just finished doing yoga and looked at the TV and gave it the finger. I don't trust the Vatican nor any catholic law etc....So this guy just made an ass of himself to the world. Don't believe me, read the article here.
  • Sometimes I wonder about the world we live in. The assholes and pricks and I fear that I want to live on an island far far away from civilization because some people are just cruel. Here is a link about Warrior, the dog in South Africa almost buried alive by assholes at a school. Lucky for the dog and for us readers, the dog was saved. But still can we please bury those jack asses alive? i really don't care much for them.
  • On to fluffier things like Christmas. Here are some funny christmas pics...

 Alright everyone, time to boogy. have a wonderful day!

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