Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 11:11:11

yup. strange special day. I'm going to take full advantage of making wishes today. lol. and not for stupid stuff. no more wishing for things i can buy myself, but stuff that watch out world. wish i could get engaged on a day like today. I know for some people numbers don't matter, but wow i think it's awesome. hahaha, in perfect boyfriend fashion i was saying how a perfectly timed engagement would be awesome and he responds with HUH? He's just so normally male.
  • So I read an article about Pete Rose and A-Rod texting eachother and I can only respond by saying "Alex Rodriguez, if you need someone to pat you on the back, let me text you and i'll tell you what a great player you are. I'm not a crazy stalker." Thank's the link text buddies
  • OK men,  my new side hobby is to help you become better at romance. You want to do something for your lady, but you have no idea what. a billboard with her name on it? a puppy? a diamond watch? ack, it all depends on how long you've been together and how much you care about them and whether the gift is "you" so if you want to try me, send me a message and i'll see what i can come up with. lol. 
  • Not sure if you really want to read about Ace. I didn't want to read about Ace. At first i thought, oh this is going to be a heartwarming story, but then it wasn't. No matter what authorities, the community, or even an injunction did or said, this shelter acted like God. Once again a dog based on what it looks like dies by a shelter who boxed their ears and pretended they had no idea about anything. Here's the article from KC DOG Blog
R.I.P. I would have saved you in a second.
  • A reminder to anyone who does find or save a pit, before you call your local shelter to have the dog picked up ask them about their dog policies, their euthanizing policies and tolerance to the breed. If they are a no kill then you're in good hands, if they ARE a kill shelter-look for a rescue or some other place that can take the animal. Do NOT give dogs to kill shelters. 
  • sorry about the large font above, but i need to make a point. We found a wandering pitty, still a pup. First thing I did was call a rescue and see if someone would pick up, then i called the local humane society. They said they would not kill him, but first hold for 5 days, then see what his temperment was and behavior etc...then they'd adopt him out. IF anything I was to pick him up if there was even the possibility of being euthanized. I loved that option. No matter what "whiskey" would either go home, be adopted or I'd have him and take him to my favorite local rescue. 
  • Tonight we get to use a livingsocial deal for Zingari's! i cannot wait. It's also a jazz club. Music and dinner. SWANKY! I'm excited. 
  • I missed my 11:11:11 wish! oh well my wish for the day is........i did it. :)
  • ok people sorry i want this to go out now...have a great weekend.

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