Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Cyber Monday!

I will NOT be shopping today. I am officially shopped out. I have pounded the mat in defeat and weariness. YAY me! lol. I have a couple of presents to get, but then I AM DONE! These presents though are local so i don't have to fret.
  • So i saw the news about the pepper spray incident at Walmart. Really what can one say about that....except People are stupid. Why oh why, would you carry pepper spray to Walmart or even think of using it at the store or indoors for that matter? Unlike some people i'm not going to blame Walmart because it's walmart, I'm going to blame the idiot who brought out the pepper spray. People make fun of Walmart for several reasons, i think it stems from the or just the whole it's cheaper there and poorer people can shop or whatever. Get over yourselves, stop generalizing people who shop there. You're probably no better yourself. I saw several people put this incident on facebook and laugh it off as stupid people who go to Walmart and looked at them as they were no better because I know them...ugh.. ok...shhhh...I wish there was one nearby.
  • click on and check out their tshirts and their page. This company is based out of Kansas and has many educational programs for that area, so if you happen to be on my page from that area-GO CHECK IT OUT!
  • I am sleepy. Yesterday, Gerry and I slept in until almost 11. wow. I cannot tell you the last time i did that. It was awesome!!!
  • I am about to make my last payment for my car. I am pretty damn excited. I am using my savings and paying this baby off so I don't have to pay for her anymore. WOW!!! i feel like a grownup!
  • One of my good friends has this little tradition where she sends an email to everyone every day until Christmas sharing a creepy christmas picture with Santa she's found of people on the web. I think it's absolutely hilarious. I'd love to share her stuff, but really i can't. I will however give you some examples of the types of pictures she shares so you can realize how unawesome you are for not having her as a friend. JUST KIDDING!!! lol
you get the point...
  • We got our Christmas tree yesterday. It's trimmed and it looks so pretty. I have presents to go under the tree but i think i'm going to wait a week or so, atleast until it's December you know? 
  • Twas the night before christmas-the politically correct version. Enjoy. I love reading the old fashioned version every year. But some of the remakes are pretty funny. 
Alrighty my friends. I have nothing more to share. I'm sure there are some fabulous deals out there so look for em. I don't need to point you in any direction. If i see something i don't think anyone should pass up I'll definitely come back and edit. Otherwise, have a happy monday!

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