Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The day after...

Sounds like a movie title..the movie of my I feel better today. The big birthday is over and i'm fine. I expected it to be a shitty day and it was ok, like a normal day that just happened to be my birthday. The people that matter-my mom, grandma, dad and boyfriend were there for me. My gifts and cards were lovely. Gerry did sorta surprise me. I kinda new he was buying tickets to something since he said something about which day of the week would be best for an event night and I was beginning to think he bought tix to something I wouldn't like. But everyone, I get to see Les Miserables in July! :) that makes me very happy. I did get a sweet card from my two friends as well.
  • Now that that's all over, let's get on with the show. I thought I would go to the chiropractor yesterday and get a simple adjustment and yadda yadda yadda. What i got was a lecture, a dose of guilt and an adjustment that i wasn't ready for-it hurt to get off the whatchamacallit. But I did feel better later. What is it with docs and chiros being so anti eachother. They shit talk too much thinking they know better than the other. Look Chiro, you help me and i am thankful you do, but I also have to see the doctor once in a while because you don't or can't help everything. And doc, I constantly get out of alignment and i understand that getting myself adjusted all the time probably won't help me, but it has been successful in the past and has gotten me to my feet to live pain free for months. I thought using them both I would benefit, but they're both causing me stress, so much so that my chiro better watch his mouth because if he gets pushy with me, I will leave his care. My doctor? well I love my doctor and she understands the benefit, but she also knows I should see her and have this crap on file. phew..anyway...i feel a bit sore today but hopefully i'll get better soon. 
  • Cute affordable sandals and shoes on hautelook! Nailpolish for 6.50!
  • Ideeli is ok today, i would still check it out if i were you.
  • If you haven't checked out all the guest posts on Notes from a dogwalker you're a poop. They're inspiring and lovely. They do touch your heart and for me, they remind me that I am not alone with my DINOS. lol...and if you don't know what that means, you should definitely click the link. :)
  • I gotta say, i love my boss. She's just...well she knows where i'm coming from about alot of stuff. 
ok too busy to finish this up.
good day.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Because life loves handing me bushels of lemons

Yesterday my blog started out pretty happy go lucky full of enthusiasm, because I am finally feeling better, but then the mack truck came and pushed me off my pony. Bella's UTI is still here and the ecoli is still in her system, so we had to get new antibiotics and start a  brand new regimen with her. We've been warned about all the possibilities-bladder stones, reconstructing her vulva (she has a swollen vulva since she went through her first heat-and then we got her fixed) etc....Well we're no strangers to giving her meds, but this med made her throw up in THREE different spots, which we found this morning. Lucky me, Gerry helped clean it up or else there would have been no way i would have come to work on time. I just want my pup to be healthy....poor girl.  Well according to this is a side effect of Cephalexin. dog is a brat...all of that to find out she'll eat yogurt, milk bones...but will not touch her food. Nor is she drinking water....well, i'm waiting for the Vet to call
  • This is going to sound completely ungrateful....but my cubicle was completely decorated for my birthday. I had asked for minimal decorations, but I guess the decorator didn't know that...I guess I didn't make it clear that this birthday was not a happy one for me....stupid turning 35....bleh.
  • So I saw on this link to Famous Frocks patterns. BASICALLY all those pretty iconic dresses Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn wore are in there...some modern ones, which kinda made me go eh...who cares, but come on a Jackie O pattern??? awesome, now if only I could sew..
  • So i understand my physical therapist telling me some days will be a step forward and then there will be some steps isn't so bad, but i can feel some spasms and stiffness...yesterday was a lot better...booo...
  • You makeup enthusiasts go to Hautelook-Lorac is selling lipsticks, eyeshadows etc for under 15 bucks...lipstick for 3 bucks-you cannot beat that...
  • Wowzer, i'm eating a donut...there is A LOT of sugar in a donut! zoooooooooooooooom. 
  • OH OH OH...Awesome news. There's a Pin Up Salon in San Rafael!!! We saw it as we drove to the Whipper Snapper last night, which was delicious, I had the Cowboy Steak and Gerry had the Ahi Tuna(i'm sure he felt that the way it was cooked was raw, but to prove it I even took a bite and it was delicious, I used to hate fish, I'm beginning to like it!!) So I just checked the yelp site for the pin up salon and it doesn't really say anything about specializing in pinup hair....which makes me a bit sad...i was hoping some pin up tattooed hotties were doing hair! bubble burst, but i think i'm gonna check it out anyway..Maybe I can convince them to do some retro style...
 I really like's very feminine and flirty.
love it...
  • I am in love with my Johnny Funcheaps emails because i feel like there is so much to do and i don't have the time! lol. Well this caught my eye and i sent a text to a friend because he and his chicky could totally rock it! Miss and Mister Punk Rock Pageant! There are like 3 rounds and they don't care if you live in Oakland or not!
Alright i'm getting busier so i have got to run...I hope everyone has a great weekend.
lot's o love.

Friday, February 17, 2012

3 day weekend yahoooo~

I am ecstatic. I am hoping that this weekend I can relax, exercise(not too much) and have a good time....I'm a bit stiff, but i'm hoping i can up the walking a bit more and be ok. All i know is i'm going to have a better weekend than the ones past, because people:my arm doesn't hurt anymore!!!! Now i'm just stiff in my neck and shoulders. I can work with that. My lower back, or hip area is a bit tender, but i think it's been all the walking i was doing this past week. sigh, i never want to to go through this again.
  • deals deals deals...and i'm being stingy with my money which is a good thing. Too many shoes to choose from on ideeli. Jessica Simpson stuff is on sale there, hautelook has RVCA(which I friggin love) but no tshirts-which i really like much better than their dresses...Hautelook also has bikinis that look like underwear on sale...shrug, not a fan. 

 These are super cute!!! they're on sale on hautelook...remember the sales only last for 3 days. They have a favorite shoes sale which means BCBG generation is also included...the above are Matisse and are 50% off.

  • Ok you know when you have the heater on and you have your ipod speakers on low and you're trying to hear what music is playing but you're at work and you don't want to blast the damn things...anyway, so I could have sworn i was listening to the black eyed peas, i checked and it was florence and the i thought i was listening to the Gorillaz and it was really Dr Dre. ha.'s funny. laugh.Ok this one was hilarious...i thought i was listening to Owl City and it was Taylor Swift!! hahahahaha.
  • I know i haven't mentioned the Voice this season...well i am watching it...I actually look forward to Monday's for that purpose. lol. I can't wait until the teams are completed and we can get this show goin!!!!
  • A friend of mine at work reminded me that the Academy of Arts has Adult thursday i know it sounds naughty, but it's called that for adults to go only, no kids allowed. They serve wine and stuff and you get to have fun and be the kid in the museum! So need to do this!
  • I have mommy guilt. I haven't called my mother in a while and the last couple of times we video chatted i was just too tired. Pain wipes you out man...must call the mom this weekend. 
  • My marin county friends! Living social deal 35 bucks for massage, acupuncture! wow...
  • ok...Learn how to make a perfect french omelete here it's a video and the omelet looks like its rolled and delicious and i will need to check this out when i get home!!! 
  • Have you visited the animal rescue site today??? go feed some animals...
  • Sorry everyone gotta makes this shortz... everyone have a great day!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

ahhh, it's thursday! which means payday, which means one more day CLOSER to the weekend. ahhhh. Already spent a little more than half of my paycheck on paying some bills, I feel accomplished. I also feel like i can't buy anything for a loooooong time. I need to pay off my credit card bill, especially if i want to buy a house next year...Why do i get all scared just at the thought of that???? it's a good scary feeling for sure, because the space we live in now is TINY! sigh...
  • There are some really cute Sue Wong dresses on Ideeli. Some have feathers and stuff and wouldn't be my thing, but the other ones are pretty cute. The last couple of days i've spilled coffee on myself and I don't know how to clean feathers.....i'd probably ruin the dress.  There are other very pretty dresses on there...but I DO NOT SHOP!!! And yeah for all Alexander McQueen fans-sunglasses are on sale too!

 tell me these aren't super cute??? 90 bucks...Beverly Feldman.
  • Ack my neck is sore...I wonder if that's a good thing. I mean no shooting pains right now. A bit stiff and feels like i have a kink or something....maybe i'm at the end of this pinched nerve journey????
  • Ok my pants are too tight. and yes if i were wearing a tight shirt I would have a muffin top. My butt looks great in these jeans (i bought them off ideeli) but for some reason, the waist is effing tight. fits perfect EVERYWHERE. Why don't they make consistent sizes???? why????? Well I'm wearing them and dealing with it. Also i've covered the top area so you can't tell there's any muffinness going on. hahaha
  • You are so in luck that I go on to these websites....Betsey Johnson on Hautelook!!! SHOES SHOES SHOES! i really should just say SHOE ALERT!! If I wore pumps-which i don't because they slip off when i walk, I would wear them all! not at the same time because I'm not an octopus. 
 i would wear these (size 9)
Bearpaw is also being featured and i'm not a big fan of UGG anything and i completely understand that these types of shoes are comfy, but these????
I find it scary that these are sold out.
There are some pretty cute things on Hautelook today, you should ch ch checkitout!

 ok i'll stop....
  • I'm beginning to thing that Gov Jerry Brown has his head on backwards. Yes lets close California State Parks to save money. the fuck are you going to to close a state park? And are you aware how many people visit state parks? In the San Francisco area we are bombarded with tourists. Many of these tourists rent bicycles and ride to nearby parks in the Marin County area and San Francisco. THIS GENERATES MONEY!!! Someone knock him off his rocker and tie him down. His stupid idea about changing Hayden's law and protecting animals entering shelters, makes me very very angry.
  • Alright add this link to your new favorites! The animal rescue site. click the --click here to feed an animal--and it's easy shmeezy, no pop do it, every day. k? Also I may want to add Bella into the World Spay contest. I'm thinking the Bella on the board pic...but ack, i'm not sure...she's just too cute. i love the one where she's surrounded by fuzz, looks like she's in the clouds...i'll have to think about it for sure. To enter your pet click here
Alright y'all! Have a great thursday! I have lots to do!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twas a valentine's night....

and it was quite a delight. He brought home some roses and chocolatey goodies, we went out to eat at a local eatery and it was delicious. I wanted to make it rhyme, really i did, but i'm not awake yet. lol. On with the show.
  • Guess who has his own website! Gerry! Stagecoach If you're in the bay area, check it out. His business is growing and I'm so proud of him! 
  • So, Bella and i had a good walk, play time and training yesterday. After reading a couple of blogs, I realized I'm expecting too much too soon. As long as I'm consistent, in time I will see a change. She's doing great though. She follows direction and when i say "look at me" she does and I'm so proud of her for that. proud of me too. :)
  • I hope to never, ever ever get this crap again-talking about my pinched nerve. It's taking forever to heal, but it's definitely gotten better. unfortunately it affects everywhere else. really it does. Once one part of your back or neck get all clenched up and ugly the rest of your back freezes and can't relax. Now that everything is sort of de-tensing, i'm getting owies in my lower back. Lucky for me the lidoderm patches work there.  When i put it on my neck, i get a pinching feeling where the patch isn't. it sucks. lol. if i could cover my entire back with it, i would. hahaha. Today i'm going to try to go as long as I can without the patch. I shouldn't be using it everyday i would imagine.
  • check out ideeli, Lola has some cute pieces on there, i don't really look good in rompers, but they're pretty darn cute and a reasonable price.
  • There's some fun stuff on hautelook. makeup, shoes, jewelry, baby clothes and DIAPER BAGS! yes my mommy friends, diaper bags. probably a bit overpriced, but check them out anyway. hahaha.
  • when it's time to get off the scale! Read this people. Lucky for me, i don't let the scale get me down anymore. But read it, because if you show any of the signs they write about, you need to get off the scale!!!!
  • Ok so Gerry got me a scope for my rifle-which i haven't even shot yet. It's really pretty-silver and mounts to the top, but ofcourse once again I don't think he's listening to me. I am not aiming to be a sniper, I want to perfect a craft based on eye, hand and mind. Just because the scope looks cool, to me it feels like something is in the way. I'd really want it on a little stand so i can see if i shot my target. but he's not listening. aye. 
  • Really Yahoo, you're journalists make me laugh. Does this article really need the title "Shakira attacked by Sea Lion, says brother saved life" People are stupid. all around. Shakira what makes you think that getting close to these creatures is ok? Why wouldn't they try tell you to get away from them? They're in their own environment, you are disrupting them. ugh. stupidity
  • Anyone else want to learn the party rock dance? I do, but i have to wait until i can dance. lol. 
ok gotta go

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Is the google search page super cute or what????
So last night i posted on facebook this two second conversation i had with Gerry about today. I asked him if we were going out tonight and he said "i dunno". which ofcourse pissed me off a bit. I was surprised that there had been a discussion through comments on  my page when i checked back. My friend Ryan was saying i had ruined it by having expectations-if i had expectations, i wouldn't have asked. plus i never assume anything because i truly believe the whole "it makes an ass out of u and me..." One of my closest friends totally stood up for me. I'm a romantic gal. I do things for the people i love because i love to see them smile. I believe that the people who don't take time to celebrate love and the people they love will one day look back and have many regrets. That's their karma not mine. Anyway, another friend of mine said something pretty generic about how you should love someone everyday and this is just a regular day...i love when people say things like that. Either they're single or they've also accepted their nonromantic mate-atleast that's my guess. Of course today is another normal day, it's not like i have it off...but hey, who doesn't like another day in life to celebrate something??? Give me more holidays! lol. Anyhow, my one little rant got me like 30 or so responses which i never would have imagined it doing so. Oh well.
  • oh Bella, Bella, Bella...What am i going to do with this dog???? I am trying everything. She doesn't like other dogs, well some of them. and she definitely has leash aggression. I need Cesar Milan.I love Victoria Stilwell too...not like i have a choice really, i need someone. Positive reinforcement sorta works but i have to snap her out of the zone she gets into. she's like oooooh dooooooog. I definitely think she's more unsure of the outside world than ever too. She's sorta been cowering and looking around and i don't know why!!!!???? I wish I could give her more exercise. I wish i could skateboard and ride my bike etc....Gerry could do those things, but he's too "busy" all the time to exercise. I need to find a trainer around here that I will trust. sigh. I want a balanced dog. 
  • hmmm...Facebook makes me people sound like idiots. First off I want to say R.I.P Whitney Houston. I grew up listening to your beautiful voice and i danced around to your songs when i was younger. You were extremely talented. It's a damn shame you're gone. Now as for the idiots on Facebook, so many people say "why is everyone going crazy and writing about Whitney Houston, she was a drug addict and yadda yadda yadda?" So was Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Heath Ledger, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix etc.... People still see some of the above as the most talented actors and artists in our history. So have some friggin respect for the dead. dammit. 
  • Well i think i've said are some more cute animal valentine's pics...

 Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012


doldrums [ˈdɒldrəmz]
1. a depressed or bored state of mind
2. a state of inactivity or stagnation
3. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography)
a.  a belt of light winds or calms along the equator
b.  the weather conditions experienced in this belt, formerly a hazard to sailing vessels

sigh. i'm bored with pain. If it's not my neck it's my lower back. it's friggin something. i'm too young to be this broken and it's not fair. Just hoping that this week is better. I also did not want to come to work today. The anxiety of this stupid ass project and all the crap they're giving me that is interrupting the normal flow of everything else is really getting to me. physically and mentally, I'm just finding myself unhappy at work, stressed out and my arm starts hurting here. i have to practice a lot of relaxation techniques just so I can stay calm. My doc did give me pain patches!!! So if I need one i have some and i'll use it dammit.
  • So yeah the Grammys...that was interesting.I turned off the TV when Nicki Manaj came on, because I think she's a dork. I'll listen to her songs, but I am not a fan of her. I also don't like Lady Gaga-she scares me. I do like some of her songs though. Anywhoo, it was a good show, i guess. I actually liked Katy Perry's performance, but she needs to get rid of the blue hair. Taylor Swift was adorable. I would have really loved to see more bands play their hits this year. Rihanna-good job. I'm not a fan of Coldplay so eh...Bon Iver, who are you? Good acceptance speech though! ADELE! you stole the show. You're beautiful and talented! I like last nights song, but I would have gotten goosebumps if she sang "Someone like you" oh well..errr hold up!? why the hell was Rebecca Black at the Grammys???????? That's ludicrous. Absolutely ludricous. The electronica segment almost made me get up and start dancing!!! That was fun and awesome and well i know this is gonna sound old...who is deadmau5? Here's a youtube vid...
  • tomorrow is V day. which for some men can be D-day. I don't think i'm getting my Godiva chocolates. :( and truly I won't buy them for myself. I have to watch the money. I keep putting things on my credit card just to pay that little bit off and not moving my balance very much. So no Godiva for me. boohoo. Dinner? Well that may not work since Gerry's mouth hurts him and what's the point of going to eat somewhere if your mouth hurts and you can't i dunno. maybe he'll actually be thoughtful and buy me flowers. My mother needs to call him and tell him to do something nice and not forget. HA! 
  • AHHH, because we live in a scary world. I'm making you click on this link regarding incorrect breed identification. So sad, how many animals are put down due to breed prejudice. so sad...but hopefully times are a changing.  
  • And this link is for everyone. I saw it this weekend on a different site and wanted to put this up so bad on my blog-unfortunately the blogger app doesn't work too well on the android. 

 teach your kids, teach your friends...teach teach teach. Humans are stupid...remember that.
  • I got my RUGER! excited and can't wait until next weekend. I hope we get to go to the range and relax there for longer than an hour. That way I can feel comfortable with all the components. And i actually love my trigger lock! 
  • ok...i lucked out. Betsey Johnson is having a sale on ideeli and i totally missed the dress i fell in love with. phew. saved 99 bucks.
 ok ok...i can't stress about the blog getting posted, so i'll just post it and hope you enjoyed it. hugs.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm having the most annoying day

arm pain. and work pain. i did have a massage last night, but i easily got tensed up when i realized my house was  a mess, the dishes are toppling over in the sink, and the clean clothes are in the basket. Gerry has been sick this week, but come on!!! Women take care of babies when they're sick, clean the house etc.... I am in constant pain every fucking day and i cannot handle doing everything myself. I think this blog may just be a vent. i think i need to hire someone to clean my house too. I just cannot do it, I walk Bella and lucky for me she and I have relaxing walks.

let me tell you something that happened this AM. I had to wake up early because i had an early appointment before work. i got out of the shower and i could hear Bella get off the bed and out of the bedroom. I am putting on my makeup and yes people no clothes on. I hear Gerry coughing, his phone rings or something and yet i do not hear him walking towards the door to let Bella out. Our dog has a UTI. The poor thing has to go out but if I wasn't there would have to wait for his ass to get out of bed? poor dog. I get out of the bathroom put pants on and i have my bra on and notice that Gerry is on the couch doing something with his phone and i ask if he let Bella out, "No." WTF? i walk over to the front door, NO SHIRT and open the door. I feed Bella, give her meds to her, and finish getting ready. HE didn't do anything!

When we were first noticing that Bella was going pee around the house, he would spray some stupid spray on her pee and leave it. WE HAVE A STEAM CLEANER!!! in the height of my pain, it was sooooo much worse than, I did it. WHY???? Because I care! Who cleaned the sofa when she almost peed on him (why didn't she?) yes people me. We have this whole battle of if anything happens who gets Bella. Every one of our friends knows I am her owner. I am the one who tends to her. He can't even clean a pee stain properly. Yes, i'm pissed off. very. I'm pissed because when I'm sick no one dawdles over me. I get off my ass and do the shit i need to do. and i get it, he's not feeling well so he's off but he can't skimp out on the home stuff he's getting off his ass and going to work.

oh and work. ...well i don't even know what to say about that except if you're going to attempt to give me a project that you can't explain properly or know the answers to or are confused of how to do it in the first place don't give me the project. Stress is hurting me physically right now. and that's not fair. find out how it needs to be done. Balance it and then show me how you came up with it. because the easiest stuff that i'm doing isn't coming out with anything close. blah.

I'm also upset at these doctors. no shot. it may make me paralyzed or some bull crap. Athletes get these all the time, what makes me different? Besides physical therapy what's the next solution? so far, nothing. i haven't heard what's next and let me tell you something, I'm not going to be waiting three months for them to realize it's not working or it's taking too long. I'd rather have a nerve block or surgery to get rid of the damn nerve.  ugh. just so annoyed. I want to go home. I don't want to pay 5 bucks (yup that's how much it costs for me to see a doc) for nothing. Hope this day ends soon.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The award for the most annoying thing in the world

Goes to my ARM and NECK. Come on heal damn you. Granted it's getting "better", but better for me is I can function WITHOUT muscle relaxers. I don't like being dependent on drugs, especially these kinds. I know i take some drugs that are preventative-for migraines and my proctitis. but you all know what i mean...bla. oh and yesterdays blog was so much better, but when i went to publish it, the publish button didn't do squat. pissed me off.
  • The internet is dangerous. very. Why? Because people become hypochondriacs when they're sick. I plead guilty to this as well, i am in no way innocent from the googling and the Webmding....BUT, I do a lot more research than most people.  For instance, Gerry is sick and he has some little symptoms that he's freaking out about and he looks it up and people are saying stuff like Hand, foot and mouth disease, thrush and other diseases I can't even pronounce...well, ahem..people of the internet LOOK UP this stuff. first of all unless you're an infant or a very old person #1 and #2 you most likely won't get unless you have a terrible immune system. Poor guy read to me people's "strange" symptoms and i looked at him and was like sounds like they have a flu and a fever and it's just their immune system attacking the viral infection. sigh. He needs a maybe?
  • Holy Cow OHIO! Your bill is on it's way to the Governor!!! I have to link you to this article and then  you can read all the comments of Ohioans....House-axes-25-year-old-pit-bull-law I like that this article is pretty straight forward. Giving you the pluses and minuses and etc...but when you read how people talk over there, i shiver. For instance....
 "The 'pit bull' has the distinction or characteristic that, when they grab on, they don't let go," Mr. Goodwin said. "You can say all you want about all these other breeds, but 'pit bulls' are the choice for drug dealers and other bad folks for a reason."

 "Locally, Toledo has a real problem with gangs, and [police] used to use that law to help control the streets of Toledo," he said. "It used to be if someone was out walking two or three 'pit bulls,' they were inviting the police to shake them down. Now, they can walk 10 'pit bulls' and the police can't stop them because they don't have probable cause. You can hide drugs, but it's pretty hard to hide a 'pit bull.' "

WOW. these statements are uhm...SCARY! isn't this what you call PROFILING?  isn't that something you're not supposed to do??? I have a pitty, we'll call her that even though i believe she's a staffy, but i don't dress, look or act like a gangster. Thank God i don't live in Ohio. Also reading the comments well, you can read them and decide for yourself. Some people are very smart on there and others well are quite dumb...
  • massssaaaage later. I cannot wait. Which also means it's order dinner night. I'll be too relaxed to want to do anything, oh my, i left dishes in the sink...bleh...fuck it. 
  • hmm, i was thinking about my birthday....i don't know if i want any presents...I think i may ask people to get me dog stuff...and then i want to give it to BadRap. How crazy does that sound? I want to visit the facility on my birthday too...See if Bella and I can go there for some more training. That would be awesome. I want to do something special for a cause I believe in. For a place i truly believe in...Alright i wrote them an email.  I'd rather do this than anything else for my birthday. I don't even need a brunch.  just this i sent you to the training classes...i want to do this soooo bad.....
  • just in case you want to go shopping for undies and bras, forever 21 has a good sale and i can't look at it....i have enough!!!!
  • this cute or what? found it on
  • I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH THIS...i failed the special k challenge due to lack of milk. :( i will get some milk and start all over. 

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

today's blog was ruined by BLOGGER.

Come on everyone and give ole Wednesday a hug. It's almost friday!!! :)
  • Gerr's getting better that high fever finally settled to a 99 which means it's on its' way down! phew. 
  • Anyone else read about the MO teen getting life with possible parole. Sorry but if you commit a crime err like MURDER, you should go to jail forever. here's the link. gross....
  • ok work gripe here. Everyone asks this one lady here to do little things-go to the bank, go get soap at the store, go this and that. and my boss asks to speak to me later. I've been here almost 4 years and she told me to ask her since the very beginning. If i'm getting shit for asking her about a check that needs to be cashed and sending her to the bank, MAYBE the person asking to get SOAP should ask someone else as well. pfft. ridiculous am bull. 
  • i have been dressing like crap lately. well since this whole owie started and before with the zoloft experience. i can't wait until i feel like my normal self and can dress all cute again. I look like a shmoe.

THIS IS WHAT SAVED AFTER TWO HOURS.  I did a lot more than that. I'll be back tomorrow after i've finished fuming.

Blogger, fix and restore the blogs that should have been autosaved.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I will NOT get the flu.

Gerry is sick. Over a hundred degree fever. Aches, stiffness, tired....I WILL NOT GET THE FLU. i've already had a heck of a beginning this year and my arm is NOT happy under stress. Funny how i'm fine in the morning and the second i get in to work it tenses up. but no I will not get the flu. I've ingested some vitamin C, ibuprofen and all of my vitamins. I will drink tons of fluids today. I will  not get the flu.
  • Les Miserables is coming to San Francisco. i am a huge fan of that musical. If I don't see it, I will absolutely throw a fit. I'm tempted to buy 6 tickets and see who's coming. Gerry's sister wants to go, so I know she's in! ok GULP, the cheapest tickets are 79 bucks. holy crap. i can't possibly buy 6 now. tickets holy moly. I think I need to wait. oh and never read reviews. lol. they deter you from seeing something you've already seen before and yes, casts change and you can't help but say "oh the version i saw on Broadway was much better." but it's the experience.....I also have to say, I find it amusing when people boast that they've seen stuff on Broadway. Who cares if you have? San Francisco has some beautiful theatres. I saw Phantom of the Opera in Union Square and it was amazing. I have to see it. 
  • OK i guess Gerr's not that sick anymore. His fever broke and now he's off to sit in a cold warehouse while his guys paint the floor. Who wants to bet he works anyway?  MEN!
  • errr I dunno....Thrillist has picked some strange gifts that us women folk will "downright L-word" I'm not so sure and even if you do have a lady picking these out, i couldn't find anything on that list i was excited about. at all.
  • hey pinched nerve, leave me alone today
  • Please don't say chicks in hats is abusive...i think they're adorable. check out 

  •  the issue with Ergonomics and my job. i've got to tell you, i honestly think my physical therapist is sort of a douche. He mimics work by putting his hands up high typing by ones chin and staring at a computer. err no. my job is nothing like that. do i look like a computer programmer? i do a lot of 10 key with my RIGHT hand. and guess what my right hand is ok. He told me to keep the paper i'm typing from up high....well that would work if i was someone secretary and copying everything onto a spreadsheet or word document, but i'm not. I'm entering numbers. each invoice takes a couple of seconds and then on to the next. that's how invoices are entered and i don't think there's an ergonomic way to do it. Can you tell i'm hurting a bit today? it's only 11 am. 
  • hoping to get my rifle on Saturday, i don't think i'll be able to shoot it this weekend, Gerry's job is now backed up since he took today off. i'm excited. Can't wait to improve my skills on the range. I did ok last weekend, but still i have to get better. Good thing, i could kill a zombie if i had to. Remember it is 2012 and all.......

 alright my little brain sucking zombies. i have to rest my arm. have a great day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

You'll be happy to know...

I'm feeling  a lot better. I may even feel like myself by my birthday. which is in 21 days. I have 21 more days to be 34. I am not old. i am not old. I still look young. i still look young. I was video chatting with my mom last night and she's just as young as i am. So please please please, LORD let me have her genes when it comes to aging. My grandma is in her 80's and she looks like she's 60. so come on genes, work for me.
  • Alright this entry is totally for my friend Memphis, only he would be thrilled to eat at this Thrillist recommended restaurant, Gilberth's Rotisserie and Grill, featuring alligator, ostrich and venison sliders. They're exotic alright. 
  • Have I mentioned how proud of Gerry I am? i don't think so. I looked at the wide empty space of the warehouse and saw his vision. I even saw a little front desk, waiting area and i felt jealous. How cool is this place going to be? 
  • Ok here's a good cause for all of my facebook friends and readers, go to this link it should link you to Animal Abuse Awareness month-turn facebook purple. why the hell not? This crap has to stop. People abusing animals, getting away with burning them, fighting them, starving them. It wouldn't be ok to do to a child or another human being, so why is it a slap on the rest if you do it to an animal? People, we aren't the only living things on the planet. And there is an eco system. And it is delicate. We are the ones with consciences so use them. Sure, making facebook purple doesn't solve a problem, but it raises AWARENESS. click the link. 
  • I miss yoga. i can probably start in a couple of weeks.Just so bummed.......
  • Miss Bella does have a UTI. She's been on antibiotics for a couple of days and seems better, but i guess she'll be on them for two weeks and then we'll have to do another culture (cost 163 bucks), i should have bought doggy insurance. Poor baby. I guess they found E.Coli in her urine culture and the more I read, the more I see it's very common. I'm hoping though that the antibiotics work.
  • so i am looking around on the web, because i need to give Bella yogurt. Antibiotics kill everything, and she needs to be ok down there...and I'm reading and reading and someone write do not give your dog raw eggs...I thought it was fine!? ! ok so plain yogurt for the pup...but NO Raw Eggs...fuck. i guess bella's gonna have scrambled eggs for dinner. Here's a great link for Dangerous foods that Dogs should never eat. ok bring on the mommy guilt. Plain yogurt is on my shopping list after work. sigh.
  • OH GOD, what have I done to my poor dog!!!! can you feel the guilt? I can't stop thinking about it either.. I'm going to end it on this. I owe my dog a lot more than giving her E. Coli. not saying that I did, but i could have...i love my pup.....
  • So did you watch the puppy bowl??? I know I watched both the super bowl and the puppy bowl...Did you see the pitty pups???? too cute and awesome that they had them on the show. 
Alrighty i gotta run. tootles. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Why oh Why?

Have I never had a professional massage before? Sure I'm not 'fixed' but i am so relaxed. My legs, arms, thighs, back...etc...which makes the pain in my arm, shoulder and neck liveable. I'm going again next week. It's like getting a tattoo, once you get one you really can't stop. lol. Man i feel good though. and i'm finally happy. OH and GERRY get's his keys today. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM!
  • Salsavalentine people...SF Gate has daily deals and if you want to sizzle on the dance floor this valentines day check out this deal. I love going dancing. Spanish Dancing, bumping and grinding, country (i have no idea how to two step but i move baby) etc. In my current condition I won't be doing the samba, so if you like to shake that ass, do it baybay! By the way, the tickets are cheap.
  • People step up RIGHT NOW and sign this petition. Gov. Jerry Brown plans to cut Hayden's law-animals have 4-6 days after being found before euthanizing-so that money can be saved due to budget issues. Are you crazy, Mr Brown? You have senate committees and people on payroll who WE are paying who don't even attend senate meetings etc... this is wrong. fire or lay off some of your own damn people but keep your hands off the animals. 

SoleSociety: find style that's soley yours
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This is just a friendly reminder that you haven't yet made your shoe selection this month. Please be sure to pick your pair or choose to skip by the 5th of the month. Thanks!.
Yup, this is what you see when you don't buy a pair of shoes every month. I'm not a fan of a pushy email. Why do i have to physically log on and say SKIP? I can  buy shoes whenever the heck i want, I'm an adult and i don't like the pressure. and because of these emails I want to skip the entire fucking year.
  • Well, we decided to have a mini potluck super bowl snack thing at work today. And I'm thinking some people missed the point. I bought a seven layer dip and some chips. Someone else brought veggies and hummus-never eating a carrot with hummus again, just didn't taste right. deviled eggs, ok i get that and they're awesome. Chocolate chip cookies as well are on the table.  I was picturing some wings, more chips and is the super bowl theme right?  aye. 
  • ack i better print out the bingo sheets. turns out it's probably just me and my baby watching the superbowl. We're gonna do a mexi spread. grill some carne asada, get some guac from the mexican market, mexican crema, and on and on...yummmmy. 
Alrighty freeks and geeks i gotta mosey. i have lots to do. SEE you next week! 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bloody Bah humbug.

and a happy Ground Hog's Day to you all. sigh. i'm feeling the pain today. The only thing keeping me focused is the massage at 5 and a spine doctor is calling me at 3. So, we'll see what happens until then.
  • ooh livingsocial deal for all the bay areans. 2 hour gun safety class...right up my alley. except i'll be getting a rifle, I sent the link to Gerry so he can explain the whole AR-15 to me. 
  • Holy cow! Wonderful news on the Pitbull Terrier front. 2 Laws in different states-Ohio and Florida have changed terms, descriptions and repealed bans. Read all about on KC dogblog.  Also check out the .animal law coalition site about the happenings in Miami. I am so stoked right now!!! Go Pitties!
  • Oh by golly. Can we please get rid of both of these republican candidates? I am not a republican, so hey just keep em, because they're funny. One says that he's not worried about poor people and the other straps his dog in a dog carrier on the top of his car. I look forward to the upcoming months to hear more about these two idjuts. :)
  • I am in a shitty mood. just friggin shitty. I wish I could just get a hotel room on my own-with a hot tub, bring my pup and spend the whole day getting room service and laying about. I just want to be alone.
  • Our little Bella may have a UTI. She peed on the couch, practically on Ger. She's been peeing on the floor and finally it just occurred to me maybe it's not the fact that she had to go - she was doing it when we were asleep or Gerry was sleeping and i was gone, etc...Last night she came in after we made her stay outside for a bit and she went to her bed and she was there until i left this am. Can't be good. I'm actually hoping it's a UTI, because she's such a good girl and I would hate to have to crate her again. Gerr's on the way to the vet now with our baby. Here
  • My experiment this year is not to mention Valentines Day to Gerry. He's not a very romantic person, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just see what happens. I know, I know, he's the atypical guy who will probably think it's just Tuesday what's all the fuss. lol. I didn't get flowers for my anniversary nor did i give him a card and he I. We're getting boring real fast. lol. He's not a picture guy anymore so can't take pics of each other. I guess shooting and guns and talking about warehouses will do.  I think i'm going to order Godiva chocolates for myself! I want this all to myself....
since you may not click on the link, i need to show you these parfaits....holy diva(as in Godiva not deeeva)
  •  Because Extreme Pizza is always a great way to go for anything,  they have an 18" pizza and large order of wings for 21.99. woot woot. I think we're gonna have a mexi them for our super bowl munchies. 
  • Still haven't heard anything back about Bella. I'll probably hear something when i get home for lunch. atleast i hope. 
Alright i better boogie. If i can i'll come back and add more stuff. If i don't oh well. I get a massage today and i hope to god it helps. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi February

Welcome my dear, now promise that this new month will bring good things...ok?
  • Ugh.This morning i'm a bit stiff, my hand is sore, arm is sore...dammit. They said it would go back and forth but this is ridiculous. i emailed my doc about the shot. hoping that maybe in a week i won't need one, but i'd like to have the option. boo. 
  • i have 26 days until my birthday. It's on a Monday this year. I'm thinking of having a brunch on the sunday and that's it. I had this thought last night that we'd all wear black. I have a black dress i can wear with one of those old fashioned hats with a little veil on it. lol. black long gloves etc...I'll look like a mourner. Perfect. 
  • Last night we went and bought the Ruger! My first rifle. I don't get it for 11 days, but that's cool. I'm hoping that by the time i get it my arm and neck will be normal again and i can relax at the shooting range. Here she is...
 Pretty much what she looks like except she's black not wood.yes she's a she.

  •  i want a donut. I saw the dunkin donuts ad last night for the heart shaped donut and I am waiting for some kind soul to bring those in. Where the heck is there a d.d. around here? Don't they look delish?
  • So the mystery this morning was where was Bella's bone. I gave her a bone last night which she cuddled with on the couch and this morning I couldn't find it. I know she didn't eat the whole thing, because when we go to sleep she goes to sleep. i hope it appears at lunch time....
  • I'm not sure how old this article is but why do celebrity's believe they should open restaurants? since when are they world class chefs?
  • ooh San Francisco living social deal for couples massage. It's 125....i gotta check in with Gerry later about cool would that be?
  •   Pet peeve of the day. We've got this guy at work who makes food for different functions. HE'S awesome! My only problem sometimes is that he gives names to things that well don't belong to those things. I'm not going to say what the item was called but I will direct you all to a page regarding egg dishes so that we can all become more aware of what is what.
  • I have a demon in my calculator. sometimes it feeds paper continuously until i unplug it. I did just attempt to exorcise the demon. 
  • Ok sorry so bla today. i have a lot of stuff to do and my fingers are sticky from munching on a chocolate muffin. yeah i'm eating a chocolate muffin. Guess what must be around the corner. Yup men are saying "what?" stopping for a second and going "EWWWW".  Have a great day peeps.