Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Twas a valentine's night....

and it was quite a delight. He brought home some roses and chocolatey goodies, we went out to eat at a local eatery and it was delicious. I wanted to make it rhyme, really i did, but i'm not awake yet. lol. On with the show.
  • Guess who has his own website! Gerry! Stagecoach If you're in the bay area, check it out. His business is growing and I'm so proud of him! 
  • So, Bella and i had a good walk, play time and training yesterday. After reading a couple of blogs, I realized I'm expecting too much too soon. As long as I'm consistent, in time I will see a change. She's doing great though. She follows direction and when i say "look at me" she does and I'm so proud of her for that. proud of me too. :)
  • I hope to never, ever ever get this crap again-talking about my pinched nerve. It's taking forever to heal, but it's definitely gotten better. unfortunately it affects everywhere else. really it does. Once one part of your back or neck get all clenched up and ugly the rest of your back freezes and can't relax. Now that everything is sort of de-tensing, i'm getting owies in my lower back. Lucky for me the lidoderm patches work there.  When i put it on my neck, i get a pinching feeling where the patch isn't. it sucks. lol. if i could cover my entire back with it, i would. hahaha. Today i'm going to try to go as long as I can without the patch. I shouldn't be using it everyday i would imagine.
  • check out ideeli, Lola has some cute pieces on there, i don't really look good in rompers, but they're pretty darn cute and a reasonable price.
  • There's some fun stuff on hautelook. makeup, shoes, jewelry, baby clothes and DIAPER BAGS! yes my mommy friends, diaper bags. probably a bit overpriced, but check them out anyway. hahaha.
  • when it's time to get off the scale! Read this people. Lucky for me, i don't let the scale get me down anymore. But read it, because if you show any of the signs they write about, you need to get off the scale!!!!
  • Ok so Gerry got me a scope for my rifle-which i haven't even shot yet. It's really pretty-silver and mounts to the top, but ofcourse once again I don't think he's listening to me. I am not aiming to be a sniper, I want to perfect a craft based on eye, hand and mind. Just because the scope looks cool, to me it feels like something is in the way. I'd really want it on a little stand so i can see if i shot my target. but he's not listening. aye. 
  • Really Yahoo, you're journalists make me laugh. Does this article really need the title "Shakira attacked by Sea Lion, says brother saved life" People are stupid. all around. Shakira what makes you think that getting close to these creatures is ok? Why wouldn't they try tell you to get away from them? They're in their own environment, you are disrupting them. ugh. stupidity
  • Anyone else want to learn the party rock dance? I do, but i have to wait until i can dance. lol. 
ok gotta go

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