Thursday, February 9, 2012

The award for the most annoying thing in the world

Goes to my ARM and NECK. Come on heal damn you. Granted it's getting "better", but better for me is I can function WITHOUT muscle relaxers. I don't like being dependent on drugs, especially these kinds. I know i take some drugs that are preventative-for migraines and my proctitis. but you all know what i mean...bla. oh and yesterdays blog was so much better, but when i went to publish it, the publish button didn't do squat. pissed me off.
  • The internet is dangerous. very. Why? Because people become hypochondriacs when they're sick. I plead guilty to this as well, i am in no way innocent from the googling and the Webmding....BUT, I do a lot more research than most people.  For instance, Gerry is sick and he has some little symptoms that he's freaking out about and he looks it up and people are saying stuff like Hand, foot and mouth disease, thrush and other diseases I can't even pronounce...well, ahem..people of the internet LOOK UP this stuff. first of all unless you're an infant or a very old person #1 and #2 you most likely won't get unless you have a terrible immune system. Poor guy read to me people's "strange" symptoms and i looked at him and was like sounds like they have a flu and a fever and it's just their immune system attacking the viral infection. sigh. He needs a maybe?
  • Holy Cow OHIO! Your bill is on it's way to the Governor!!! I have to link you to this article and then  you can read all the comments of Ohioans....House-axes-25-year-old-pit-bull-law I like that this article is pretty straight forward. Giving you the pluses and minuses and etc...but when you read how people talk over there, i shiver. For instance....
 "The 'pit bull' has the distinction or characteristic that, when they grab on, they don't let go," Mr. Goodwin said. "You can say all you want about all these other breeds, but 'pit bulls' are the choice for drug dealers and other bad folks for a reason."

 "Locally, Toledo has a real problem with gangs, and [police] used to use that law to help control the streets of Toledo," he said. "It used to be if someone was out walking two or three 'pit bulls,' they were inviting the police to shake them down. Now, they can walk 10 'pit bulls' and the police can't stop them because they don't have probable cause. You can hide drugs, but it's pretty hard to hide a 'pit bull.' "

WOW. these statements are uhm...SCARY! isn't this what you call PROFILING?  isn't that something you're not supposed to do??? I have a pitty, we'll call her that even though i believe she's a staffy, but i don't dress, look or act like a gangster. Thank God i don't live in Ohio. Also reading the comments well, you can read them and decide for yourself. Some people are very smart on there and others well are quite dumb...
  • massssaaaage later. I cannot wait. Which also means it's order dinner night. I'll be too relaxed to want to do anything, oh my, i left dishes in the sink...bleh...fuck it. 
  • hmm, i was thinking about my birthday....i don't know if i want any presents...I think i may ask people to get me dog stuff...and then i want to give it to BadRap. How crazy does that sound? I want to visit the facility on my birthday too...See if Bella and I can go there for some more training. That would be awesome. I want to do something special for a cause I believe in. For a place i truly believe in...Alright i wrote them an email.  I'd rather do this than anything else for my birthday. I don't even need a brunch.  just this i sent you to the training classes...i want to do this soooo bad.....
  • just in case you want to go shopping for undies and bras, forever 21 has a good sale and i can't look at it....i have enough!!!!
  • this cute or what? found it on
  • I WILL LEAVE YOU WITH THIS...i failed the special k challenge due to lack of milk. :( i will get some milk and start all over. 

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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