Monday, February 13, 2012


doldrums [ˈdɒldrəmz]
1. a depressed or bored state of mind
2. a state of inactivity or stagnation
3. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography)
a.  a belt of light winds or calms along the equator
b.  the weather conditions experienced in this belt, formerly a hazard to sailing vessels

sigh. i'm bored with pain. If it's not my neck it's my lower back. it's friggin something. i'm too young to be this broken and it's not fair. Just hoping that this week is better. I also did not want to come to work today. The anxiety of this stupid ass project and all the crap they're giving me that is interrupting the normal flow of everything else is really getting to me. physically and mentally, I'm just finding myself unhappy at work, stressed out and my arm starts hurting here. i have to practice a lot of relaxation techniques just so I can stay calm. My doc did give me pain patches!!! So if I need one i have some and i'll use it dammit.
  • So yeah the Grammys...that was interesting.I turned off the TV when Nicki Manaj came on, because I think she's a dork. I'll listen to her songs, but I am not a fan of her. I also don't like Lady Gaga-she scares me. I do like some of her songs though. Anywhoo, it was a good show, i guess. I actually liked Katy Perry's performance, but she needs to get rid of the blue hair. Taylor Swift was adorable. I would have really loved to see more bands play their hits this year. Rihanna-good job. I'm not a fan of Coldplay so eh...Bon Iver, who are you? Good acceptance speech though! ADELE! you stole the show. You're beautiful and talented! I like last nights song, but I would have gotten goosebumps if she sang "Someone like you" oh well..errr hold up!? why the hell was Rebecca Black at the Grammys???????? That's ludicrous. Absolutely ludricous. The electronica segment almost made me get up and start dancing!!! That was fun and awesome and well i know this is gonna sound old...who is deadmau5? Here's a youtube vid...
  • tomorrow is V day. which for some men can be D-day. I don't think i'm getting my Godiva chocolates. :( and truly I won't buy them for myself. I have to watch the money. I keep putting things on my credit card just to pay that little bit off and not moving my balance very much. So no Godiva for me. boohoo. Dinner? Well that may not work since Gerry's mouth hurts him and what's the point of going to eat somewhere if your mouth hurts and you can't i dunno. maybe he'll actually be thoughtful and buy me flowers. My mother needs to call him and tell him to do something nice and not forget. HA! 
  • AHHH, because we live in a scary world. I'm making you click on this link regarding incorrect breed identification. So sad, how many animals are put down due to breed prejudice. so sad...but hopefully times are a changing.  
  • And this link is for everyone. I saw it this weekend on a different site and wanted to put this up so bad on my blog-unfortunately the blogger app doesn't work too well on the android. 

 teach your kids, teach your friends...teach teach teach. Humans are stupid...remember that.
  • I got my RUGER! excited and can't wait until next weekend. I hope we get to go to the range and relax there for longer than an hour. That way I can feel comfortable with all the components. And i actually love my trigger lock! 
  • ok...i lucked out. Betsey Johnson is having a sale on ideeli and i totally missed the dress i fell in love with. phew. saved 99 bucks.
 ok ok...i can't stress about the blog getting posted, so i'll just post it and hope you enjoyed it. hugs.

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