Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Is the google search page super cute or what????
So last night i posted on facebook this two second conversation i had with Gerry about today. I asked him if we were going out tonight and he said "i dunno". which ofcourse pissed me off a bit. I was surprised that there had been a discussion through comments on  my page when i checked back. My friend Ryan was saying i had ruined it by having expectations-if i had expectations, i wouldn't have asked. plus i never assume anything because i truly believe the whole "it makes an ass out of u and me..." One of my closest friends totally stood up for me. I'm a romantic gal. I do things for the people i love because i love to see them smile. I believe that the people who don't take time to celebrate love and the people they love will one day look back and have many regrets. That's their karma not mine. Anyway, another friend of mine said something pretty generic about how you should love someone everyday and this is just a regular day...i love when people say things like that. Either they're single or they've also accepted their nonromantic mate-atleast that's my guess. Of course today is another normal day, it's not like i have it off...but hey, who doesn't like another day in life to celebrate something??? Give me more holidays! lol. Anyhow, my one little rant got me like 30 or so responses which i never would have imagined it doing so. Oh well.
  • oh Bella, Bella, Bella...What am i going to do with this dog???? I am trying everything. She doesn't like other dogs, well some of them. and she definitely has leash aggression. I need Cesar Milan.I love Victoria Stilwell too...not like i have a choice really, i need someone. Positive reinforcement sorta works but i have to snap her out of the zone she gets into. she's like oooooh dooooooog. I definitely think she's more unsure of the outside world than ever too. She's sorta been cowering and looking around and i don't know why!!!!???? I wish I could give her more exercise. I wish i could skateboard and ride my bike etc....Gerry could do those things, but he's too "busy" all the time to exercise. I need to find a trainer around here that I will trust. sigh. I want a balanced dog. 
  • hmmm...Facebook makes me people sound like idiots. First off I want to say R.I.P Whitney Houston. I grew up listening to your beautiful voice and i danced around to your songs when i was younger. You were extremely talented. It's a damn shame you're gone. Now as for the idiots on Facebook, so many people say "why is everyone going crazy and writing about Whitney Houston, she was a drug addict and yadda yadda yadda?" So was Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, John Belushi, Chris Farley, Heath Ledger, Jim Morrison, River Phoenix etc.... People still see some of the above as the most talented actors and artists in our history. So have some friggin respect for the dead. dammit. 
  • Well i think i've said are some more cute animal valentine's pics...

 Have a wonderful Valentine's Day everyone!!!

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