Friday, February 3, 2012

Why oh Why?

Have I never had a professional massage before? Sure I'm not 'fixed' but i am so relaxed. My legs, arms, thighs, back...etc...which makes the pain in my arm, shoulder and neck liveable. I'm going again next week. It's like getting a tattoo, once you get one you really can't stop. lol. Man i feel good though. and i'm finally happy. OH and GERRY get's his keys today. I AM SO HAPPY FOR HIM!
  • Salsavalentine people...SF Gate has daily deals and if you want to sizzle on the dance floor this valentines day check out this deal. I love going dancing. Spanish Dancing, bumping and grinding, country (i have no idea how to two step but i move baby) etc. In my current condition I won't be doing the samba, so if you like to shake that ass, do it baybay! By the way, the tickets are cheap.
  • People step up RIGHT NOW and sign this petition. Gov. Jerry Brown plans to cut Hayden's law-animals have 4-6 days after being found before euthanizing-so that money can be saved due to budget issues. Are you crazy, Mr Brown? You have senate committees and people on payroll who WE are paying who don't even attend senate meetings etc... this is wrong. fire or lay off some of your own damn people but keep your hands off the animals. 

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Yup, this is what you see when you don't buy a pair of shoes every month. I'm not a fan of a pushy email. Why do i have to physically log on and say SKIP? I can  buy shoes whenever the heck i want, I'm an adult and i don't like the pressure. and because of these emails I want to skip the entire fucking year.
  • Well, we decided to have a mini potluck super bowl snack thing at work today. And I'm thinking some people missed the point. I bought a seven layer dip and some chips. Someone else brought veggies and hummus-never eating a carrot with hummus again, just didn't taste right. deviled eggs, ok i get that and they're awesome. Chocolate chip cookies as well are on the table.  I was picturing some wings, more chips and is the super bowl theme right?  aye. 
  • ack i better print out the bingo sheets. turns out it's probably just me and my baby watching the superbowl. We're gonna do a mexi spread. grill some carne asada, get some guac from the mexican market, mexican crema, and on and on...yummmmy. 
Alrighty freeks and geeks i gotta mosey. i have lots to do. SEE you next week! 

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