Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bloody Bah humbug.

and a happy Ground Hog's Day to you all. sigh. i'm feeling the pain today. The only thing keeping me focused is the massage at 5 and a spine doctor is calling me at 3. So, we'll see what happens until then.
  • ooh livingsocial deal for all the bay areans. 2 hour gun safety class...right up my alley. except i'll be getting a rifle, I sent the link to Gerry so he can explain the whole AR-15 to me. 
  • Holy cow! Wonderful news on the Pitbull Terrier front. 2 Laws in different states-Ohio and Florida have changed terms, descriptions and repealed bans. Read all about on KC dogblog.  Also check out the .animal law coalition site about the happenings in Miami. I am so stoked right now!!! Go Pitties!
  • Oh by golly. Can we please get rid of both of these republican candidates? I am not a republican, so hey just keep em, because they're funny. One says that he's not worried about poor people and the other straps his dog in a dog carrier on the top of his car. I look forward to the upcoming months to hear more about these two idjuts. :)
  • I am in a shitty mood. just friggin shitty. I wish I could just get a hotel room on my own-with a hot tub, bring my pup and spend the whole day getting room service and laying about. I just want to be alone.
  • Our little Bella may have a UTI. She peed on the couch, practically on Ger. She's been peeing on the floor and finally it just occurred to me maybe it's not the fact that she had to go - she was doing it when we were asleep or Gerry was sleeping and i was gone, etc...Last night she came in after we made her stay outside for a bit and she went to her bed and she was there until i left this am. Can't be good. I'm actually hoping it's a UTI, because she's such a good girl and I would hate to have to crate her again. Gerr's on the way to the vet now with our baby. Here
  • My experiment this year is not to mention Valentines Day to Gerry. He's not a very romantic person, but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and just see what happens. I know, I know, he's the atypical guy who will probably think it's just Tuesday what's all the fuss. lol. I didn't get flowers for my anniversary nor did i give him a card and he I. We're getting boring real fast. lol. He's not a picture guy anymore so can't take pics of each other. I guess shooting and guns and talking about warehouses will do.  I think i'm going to order Godiva chocolates for myself! I want this all to myself....
since you may not click on the link, i need to show you these parfaits....holy diva(as in Godiva not deeeva)
  •  Because Extreme Pizza is always a great way to go for anything,  they have an 18" pizza and large order of wings for 21.99. woot woot. I think we're gonna have a mexi them for our super bowl munchies. 
  • Still haven't heard anything back about Bella. I'll probably hear something when i get home for lunch. atleast i hope. 
Alright i better boogie. If i can i'll come back and add more stuff. If i don't oh well. I get a massage today and i hope to god it helps. Have a wonderful day everyone.

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