Wednesday, February 8, 2012

today's blog was ruined by BLOGGER.

Come on everyone and give ole Wednesday a hug. It's almost friday!!! :)
  • Gerr's getting better that high fever finally settled to a 99 which means it's on its' way down! phew. 
  • Anyone else read about the MO teen getting life with possible parole. Sorry but if you commit a crime err like MURDER, you should go to jail forever. here's the link. gross....
  • ok work gripe here. Everyone asks this one lady here to do little things-go to the bank, go get soap at the store, go this and that. and my boss asks to speak to me later. I've been here almost 4 years and she told me to ask her since the very beginning. If i'm getting shit for asking her about a check that needs to be cashed and sending her to the bank, MAYBE the person asking to get SOAP should ask someone else as well. pfft. ridiculous am bull. 
  • i have been dressing like crap lately. well since this whole owie started and before with the zoloft experience. i can't wait until i feel like my normal self and can dress all cute again. I look like a shmoe.

THIS IS WHAT SAVED AFTER TWO HOURS.  I did a lot more than that. I'll be back tomorrow after i've finished fuming.

Blogger, fix and restore the blogs that should have been autosaved.

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