Friday, February 17, 2012

3 day weekend yahoooo~

I am ecstatic. I am hoping that this weekend I can relax, exercise(not too much) and have a good time....I'm a bit stiff, but i'm hoping i can up the walking a bit more and be ok. All i know is i'm going to have a better weekend than the ones past, because people:my arm doesn't hurt anymore!!!! Now i'm just stiff in my neck and shoulders. I can work with that. My lower back, or hip area is a bit tender, but i think it's been all the walking i was doing this past week. sigh, i never want to to go through this again.
  • deals deals deals...and i'm being stingy with my money which is a good thing. Too many shoes to choose from on ideeli. Jessica Simpson stuff is on sale there, hautelook has RVCA(which I friggin love) but no tshirts-which i really like much better than their dresses...Hautelook also has bikinis that look like underwear on sale...shrug, not a fan. 

 These are super cute!!! they're on sale on hautelook...remember the sales only last for 3 days. They have a favorite shoes sale which means BCBG generation is also included...the above are Matisse and are 50% off.

  • Ok you know when you have the heater on and you have your ipod speakers on low and you're trying to hear what music is playing but you're at work and you don't want to blast the damn things...anyway, so I could have sworn i was listening to the black eyed peas, i checked and it was florence and the i thought i was listening to the Gorillaz and it was really Dr Dre. ha.'s funny. laugh.Ok this one was hilarious...i thought i was listening to Owl City and it was Taylor Swift!! hahahahaha.
  • I know i haven't mentioned the Voice this season...well i am watching it...I actually look forward to Monday's for that purpose. lol. I can't wait until the teams are completed and we can get this show goin!!!!
  • A friend of mine at work reminded me that the Academy of Arts has Adult thursday i know it sounds naughty, but it's called that for adults to go only, no kids allowed. They serve wine and stuff and you get to have fun and be the kid in the museum! So need to do this!
  • I have mommy guilt. I haven't called my mother in a while and the last couple of times we video chatted i was just too tired. Pain wipes you out man...must call the mom this weekend. 
  • My marin county friends! Living social deal 35 bucks for massage, acupuncture! wow...
  • ok...Learn how to make a perfect french omelete here it's a video and the omelet looks like its rolled and delicious and i will need to check this out when i get home!!! 
  • Have you visited the animal rescue site today??? go feed some animals...
  • Sorry everyone gotta makes this shortz... everyone have a great day!!!

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