Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I will NOT get the flu.

Gerry is sick. Over a hundred degree fever. Aches, stiffness, tired....I WILL NOT GET THE FLU. i've already had a heck of a beginning this year and my arm is NOT happy under stress. Funny how i'm fine in the morning and the second i get in to work it tenses up. but no I will not get the flu. I've ingested some vitamin C, ibuprofen and all of my vitamins. I will drink tons of fluids today. I will  not get the flu.
  • Les Miserables is coming to San Francisco. i am a huge fan of that musical. If I don't see it, I will absolutely throw a fit. I'm tempted to buy 6 tickets and see who's coming. Gerry's sister wants to go, so I know she's in! ok GULP, the cheapest tickets are 79 bucks. holy crap. i can't possibly buy 6 now. tickets holy moly. I think I need to wait. oh and never read reviews. lol. they deter you from seeing something you've already seen before and yes, casts change and you can't help but say "oh the version i saw on Broadway was much better." but it's the experience.....I also have to say, I find it amusing when people boast that they've seen stuff on Broadway. Who cares if you have? San Francisco has some beautiful theatres. I saw Phantom of the Opera in Union Square and it was amazing. I have to see it. 
  • OK i guess Gerr's not that sick anymore. His fever broke and now he's off to sit in a cold warehouse while his guys paint the floor. Who wants to bet he works anyway?  MEN!
  • errr I dunno....Thrillist has picked some strange gifts that us women folk will "downright L-word" I'm not so sure and even if you do have a lady picking these out, i couldn't find anything on that list i was excited about. at all.
  • hey pinched nerve, leave me alone today
  • Please don't say chicks in hats is abusive...i think they're adorable. check out 

  •  the issue with Ergonomics and my job. i've got to tell you, i honestly think my physical therapist is sort of a douche. He mimics work by putting his hands up high typing by ones chin and staring at a computer. err no. my job is nothing like that. do i look like a computer programmer? i do a lot of 10 key with my RIGHT hand. and guess what my right hand is ok. He told me to keep the paper i'm typing from up high....well that would work if i was someone secretary and copying everything onto a spreadsheet or word document, but i'm not. I'm entering numbers. each invoice takes a couple of seconds and then on to the next. that's how invoices are entered and i don't think there's an ergonomic way to do it. Can you tell i'm hurting a bit today? it's only 11 am. 
  • hoping to get my rifle on Saturday, i don't think i'll be able to shoot it this weekend, Gerry's job is now backed up since he took today off. i'm excited. Can't wait to improve my skills on the range. I did ok last weekend, but still i have to get better. Good thing, i could kill a zombie if i had to. Remember it is 2012 and all.......

 alright my little brain sucking zombies. i have to rest my arm. have a great day!

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