Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hi February

Welcome my dear, now promise that this new month will bring good things...ok?
  • Ugh.This morning i'm a bit stiff, my hand is sore, arm is sore...dammit. They said it would go back and forth but this is ridiculous. i emailed my doc about the shot. hoping that maybe in a week i won't need one, but i'd like to have the option. boo. 
  • i have 26 days until my birthday. It's on a Monday this year. I'm thinking of having a brunch on the sunday and that's it. I had this thought last night that we'd all wear black. I have a black dress i can wear with one of those old fashioned hats with a little veil on it. lol. black long gloves etc...I'll look like a mourner. Perfect. 
  • Last night we went and bought the Ruger! My first rifle. I don't get it for 11 days, but that's cool. I'm hoping that by the time i get it my arm and neck will be normal again and i can relax at the shooting range. Here she is...
 Pretty much what she looks like except she's black not wood.yes she's a she.

  •  i want a donut. I saw the dunkin donuts ad last night for the heart shaped donut and I am waiting for some kind soul to bring those in. Where the heck is there a d.d. around here? Don't they look delish?
  • So the mystery this morning was where was Bella's bone. I gave her a bone last night which she cuddled with on the couch and this morning I couldn't find it. I know she didn't eat the whole thing, because when we go to sleep she goes to sleep. i hope it appears at lunch time....
  • I'm not sure how old this article is but why do celebrity's believe they should open restaurants? since when are they world class chefs?
  • ooh San Francisco living social deal for couples massage. It's 125....i gotta check in with Gerry later about cool would that be?
  •   Pet peeve of the day. We've got this guy at work who makes food for different functions. HE'S awesome! My only problem sometimes is that he gives names to things that well don't belong to those things. I'm not going to say what the item was called but I will direct you all to a page regarding egg dishes so that we can all become more aware of what is what.
  • I have a demon in my calculator. sometimes it feeds paper continuously until i unplug it. I did just attempt to exorcise the demon. 
  • Ok sorry so bla today. i have a lot of stuff to do and my fingers are sticky from munching on a chocolate muffin. yeah i'm eating a chocolate muffin. Guess what must be around the corner. Yup men are saying "what?" stopping for a second and going "EWWWW".  Have a great day peeps.

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