Monday, February 6, 2012

You'll be happy to know...

I'm feeling  a lot better. I may even feel like myself by my birthday. which is in 21 days. I have 21 more days to be 34. I am not old. i am not old. I still look young. i still look young. I was video chatting with my mom last night and she's just as young as i am. So please please please, LORD let me have her genes when it comes to aging. My grandma is in her 80's and she looks like she's 60. so come on genes, work for me.
  • Alright this entry is totally for my friend Memphis, only he would be thrilled to eat at this Thrillist recommended restaurant, Gilberth's Rotisserie and Grill, featuring alligator, ostrich and venison sliders. They're exotic alright. 
  • Have I mentioned how proud of Gerry I am? i don't think so. I looked at the wide empty space of the warehouse and saw his vision. I even saw a little front desk, waiting area and i felt jealous. How cool is this place going to be? 
  • Ok here's a good cause for all of my facebook friends and readers, go to this link it should link you to Animal Abuse Awareness month-turn facebook purple. why the hell not? This crap has to stop. People abusing animals, getting away with burning them, fighting them, starving them. It wouldn't be ok to do to a child or another human being, so why is it a slap on the rest if you do it to an animal? People, we aren't the only living things on the planet. And there is an eco system. And it is delicate. We are the ones with consciences so use them. Sure, making facebook purple doesn't solve a problem, but it raises AWARENESS. click the link. 
  • I miss yoga. i can probably start in a couple of weeks.Just so bummed.......
  • Miss Bella does have a UTI. She's been on antibiotics for a couple of days and seems better, but i guess she'll be on them for two weeks and then we'll have to do another culture (cost 163 bucks), i should have bought doggy insurance. Poor baby. I guess they found E.Coli in her urine culture and the more I read, the more I see it's very common. I'm hoping though that the antibiotics work.
  • so i am looking around on the web, because i need to give Bella yogurt. Antibiotics kill everything, and she needs to be ok down there...and I'm reading and reading and someone write do not give your dog raw eggs...I thought it was fine!? ! ok so plain yogurt for the pup...but NO Raw Eggs...fuck. i guess bella's gonna have scrambled eggs for dinner. Here's a great link for Dangerous foods that Dogs should never eat. ok bring on the mommy guilt. Plain yogurt is on my shopping list after work. sigh.
  • OH GOD, what have I done to my poor dog!!!! can you feel the guilt? I can't stop thinking about it either.. I'm going to end it on this. I owe my dog a lot more than giving her E. Coli. not saying that I did, but i could have...i love my pup.....
  • So did you watch the puppy bowl??? I know I watched both the super bowl and the puppy bowl...Did you see the pitty pups???? too cute and awesome that they had them on the show. 
Alrighty i gotta run. tootles. 

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