Friday, February 24, 2012

Because life loves handing me bushels of lemons

Yesterday my blog started out pretty happy go lucky full of enthusiasm, because I am finally feeling better, but then the mack truck came and pushed me off my pony. Bella's UTI is still here and the ecoli is still in her system, so we had to get new antibiotics and start a  brand new regimen with her. We've been warned about all the possibilities-bladder stones, reconstructing her vulva (she has a swollen vulva since she went through her first heat-and then we got her fixed) etc....Well we're no strangers to giving her meds, but this med made her throw up in THREE different spots, which we found this morning. Lucky me, Gerry helped clean it up or else there would have been no way i would have come to work on time. I just want my pup to be healthy....poor girl.  Well according to this is a side effect of Cephalexin. dog is a brat...all of that to find out she'll eat yogurt, milk bones...but will not touch her food. Nor is she drinking water....well, i'm waiting for the Vet to call
  • This is going to sound completely ungrateful....but my cubicle was completely decorated for my birthday. I had asked for minimal decorations, but I guess the decorator didn't know that...I guess I didn't make it clear that this birthday was not a happy one for me....stupid turning 35....bleh.
  • So I saw on this link to Famous Frocks patterns. BASICALLY all those pretty iconic dresses Jackie O or Audrey Hepburn wore are in there...some modern ones, which kinda made me go eh...who cares, but come on a Jackie O pattern??? awesome, now if only I could sew..
  • So i understand my physical therapist telling me some days will be a step forward and then there will be some steps isn't so bad, but i can feel some spasms and stiffness...yesterday was a lot better...booo...
  • You makeup enthusiasts go to Hautelook-Lorac is selling lipsticks, eyeshadows etc for under 15 bucks...lipstick for 3 bucks-you cannot beat that...
  • Wowzer, i'm eating a donut...there is A LOT of sugar in a donut! zoooooooooooooooom. 
  • OH OH OH...Awesome news. There's a Pin Up Salon in San Rafael!!! We saw it as we drove to the Whipper Snapper last night, which was delicious, I had the Cowboy Steak and Gerry had the Ahi Tuna(i'm sure he felt that the way it was cooked was raw, but to prove it I even took a bite and it was delicious, I used to hate fish, I'm beginning to like it!!) So I just checked the yelp site for the pin up salon and it doesn't really say anything about specializing in pinup hair....which makes me a bit sad...i was hoping some pin up tattooed hotties were doing hair! bubble burst, but i think i'm gonna check it out anyway..Maybe I can convince them to do some retro style...
 I really like's very feminine and flirty.
love it...
  • I am in love with my Johnny Funcheaps emails because i feel like there is so much to do and i don't have the time! lol. Well this caught my eye and i sent a text to a friend because he and his chicky could totally rock it! Miss and Mister Punk Rock Pageant! There are like 3 rounds and they don't care if you live in Oakland or not!
Alright i'm getting busier so i have got to run...I hope everyone has a great weekend.
lot's o love.

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