Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The day after...

Sounds like a movie title..the movie of my I feel better today. The big birthday is over and i'm fine. I expected it to be a shitty day and it was ok, like a normal day that just happened to be my birthday. The people that matter-my mom, grandma, dad and boyfriend were there for me. My gifts and cards were lovely. Gerry did sorta surprise me. I kinda new he was buying tickets to something since he said something about which day of the week would be best for an event night and I was beginning to think he bought tix to something I wouldn't like. But everyone, I get to see Les Miserables in July! :) that makes me very happy. I did get a sweet card from my two friends as well.
  • Now that that's all over, let's get on with the show. I thought I would go to the chiropractor yesterday and get a simple adjustment and yadda yadda yadda. What i got was a lecture, a dose of guilt and an adjustment that i wasn't ready for-it hurt to get off the whatchamacallit. But I did feel better later. What is it with docs and chiros being so anti eachother. They shit talk too much thinking they know better than the other. Look Chiro, you help me and i am thankful you do, but I also have to see the doctor once in a while because you don't or can't help everything. And doc, I constantly get out of alignment and i understand that getting myself adjusted all the time probably won't help me, but it has been successful in the past and has gotten me to my feet to live pain free for months. I thought using them both I would benefit, but they're both causing me stress, so much so that my chiro better watch his mouth because if he gets pushy with me, I will leave his care. My doctor? well I love my doctor and she understands the benefit, but she also knows I should see her and have this crap on file. phew..anyway...i feel a bit sore today but hopefully i'll get better soon. 
  • Cute affordable sandals and shoes on hautelook! Nailpolish for 6.50!
  • Ideeli is ok today, i would still check it out if i were you.
  • If you haven't checked out all the guest posts on Notes from a dogwalker you're a poop. They're inspiring and lovely. They do touch your heart and for me, they remind me that I am not alone with my DINOS. lol...and if you don't know what that means, you should definitely click the link. :)
  • I gotta say, i love my boss. She's just...well she knows where i'm coming from about alot of stuff. 
ok too busy to finish this up.
good day.

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