Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey it's almost Friday again!

Good day everyone! Ah, it's almost the weekend. 2 more days of work and then bam! Rest and Relaxation once again!!!! I have a hair appointment on Saturday and since i'm feeling better (read more below) I may go to the mall to return two out of the 10 items i bought online from Forever 21 and do some exchanging. Here's to hoping I can!
  • I have been using a chiropractor for many years because i have a crappy back. I vent here a lot about it and so it shouldn't come as a surprise.  I appreciate his help on the countless times i have walked in there slumped over and in dire need of an alignment. I believe like cars, we also need to be adjusted and our bodies definitely tell us that. But this time it's different. The pinched nerve wasn't helped by physical manipulation of the spine-how could it really? it's being pinched within my spine. Maybe I just don't understand the science behind it, but i saw him three times for it and it didn't help at all. When that finally healed and i developed what i thought was hip pain, which is actually muscle pain I didn't see him because it wasn't that bad. This felt different; it feels different. I did go and see him on Monday and I wish i didn't. HIs anger about me not seeing him sooner and not getting him x-rays yadda yadda was uncalled for and left a bad taste in my mouth. The fact that I was seeing a physical therapist caused him to say that that person wouldn't help me, when in fact he has. I decided not to see the chiro yesterday and I'm glad I didn't. This morning I woke up with less pain, a few kinks here and there when i got to work, but I'm feeling better. I've been using traditional methods (ice, heat and stretching) and medicine (vicodin and the muscle relaxers when i get home). I feel like doctors and chiropractors need to stop trash talking each other and realize that both HELP people. bleh.. here's a great site about chiropractors and what to be aware of
  • Who in the world would dump a dog in the park in the snow???? Why do these people own animals??? Read this story and be happy that someone chose to stop. Would you stop if you saw an animal with no owner??? or just let him freeze to death?
  • WHAT is a White Elephant Sale??? and how cool is it that it's at a warehouse. Well the more I read, the more I am even more excited. It's a huge rummage sale in a 96,000 square foot warehouse. Imagine that?? White Elephant sale proceeds go to the Oakland Museum. I want to let's see how the back feels...oh and it's free admission. Thank you Funcheap SF!
  • Hey Bay Area peeps, the first thursday night of every month the Exploratorium is open to us big kids-yeah i know you know that since i've written about it-well tonight is the, i wish i felt 100%. It's vinyl night and Gerry would love that....
 Anyone who knows Gerry, knows that he is crazy about vinyl. He can't leave the Goodwill or Salvation Army without searching through 100's of records and picking up some random ones that i have say, he probably won't listen to. lol.
  • Really FuncheapSF has a lot of stuff going on this weekend, just in case you need the link again-here it is
  • I want to start a book club. Have some friends come over who are all reading a book, have some yummy sammiches and not the tea, but iced tea could work. I think i was meant to be a hostess or something...ok i totally ripped off the idea from You should definitely join the site, it's free and easy and you get some cool ideas sent to your email! oh and for all of you pinterest fiends you'll get pinnable ideas's where i got the inspiration.
  • yes yes yes, i got my dresses yesterday. I ordered a pair of high rise shorts too, but uhm, no they don't work...I love my dresses! And ofcourse it happens to be raining so i can't wear them. There's one dress that needs a slip. I don't normally wear slips and the only slip i have is pretty loose..should be interesting to find something to go with it. I have my shopping fever back and want MORE! hahaha..but i'll have to tame the wild beast...
  • oh my...ZIGI shoes are adorable...and i was just about to buy a black pair of mary jane wedgees and they're out of my size. dammit....check out ideeli peeps...these shoes are super neat.
alrighty my dears. Have a wonderful day and if it's raining or stormy where you are, try and stay inside, keep dry and if you have to go out be careful! 

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