Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hump day boohoo.

I feel boohooey today. Some days i must allow myself to feel the way i do. Every day isn't a happy one and they're not all sad ones either. Just feeling frustrated in my life i guess. A bit trapped and confined in my own mind. Too structured. too limited.  Yet some days I'm left to wonder what's going to happen and that there's not enough structure and i don't know what will happen tomorrow or the next day. I figure go with it and not try and dwell too much on my emotions, because they pass like a bad cold.
  • I don't normally talk about my friends or even Facebook-not the biggest fan of using facebook as a way to keep in touch-why the hell else do we have phones? but we do get to hear about people hurting themselves and the way they post things. Such as my friend who got in the middle of a dog and cat fight and apparently got bit. He added it was a pitbull. I really couldn't care less what kind of dog it was, who's the idiot who puts his hand in between a dog and a CAT? THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT WAYS TO STOP ANIMALS FIGHTING. Bang two pots together, throw water on them, make a lot of noise...etc...startling animals is your best bet. One guy wrote :the dog may have to be put down with behavior like this...Uh no. Dogs are natural hunters. They have a high prey drive. Even my own dog who has lived with THREE cats still lunges at strange cats on the street. When he goes into our neighbors house she greets them with a sniff. Anyway...lesson learned i hope. it has nothing to do with breed, but animal instinct. 
  • Gucci bags are on sale on ideeli. Personally i don't have 900 bucks to spend on a Gucci tote, but they're cute and they are on sale, right?
  • my shoulders feel sore. maybe i need another massage....
  • French Connection and beautiful Carlo Viani jewelry (check out ring below 785.00),
  •  For some reason this song just makes me happy today....
  •  My eyes are so dry. i think i'll eat some toast. 
  • i forgot what else i was going to write.
  • I want to make Brisket. I've never done it. I wonder if it is essential to use a pressure cooker? AT the moment it's being used as a bucket for a leak in the sun porch. i truly love and appreciate my epicurious emails. Always great ideas and definite food inspiration! check it out. they also have a corned beef recipe.
  • Hey the first day of spring is next week and it's snowing in the Sierra's....
ok i'm outtie freaks and geeks...lots o love. 

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