Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thirsty Thursday....

Less caffeine starting today. Had my half cup of coffee at home, chugging some water as we speak. Not waking up, still in half a daze and my neck is stiff. I started some stretching last night to gear up for yoga hopefully in a few weeks. I was reading an article yesterday on why stretching is so important before you begin an exercise regimen. But this damn neck. I don't get it. I think i need a massage.
  • FB is the devil. I really need to step away and just let people say whatever they're going to say. I've bitten my tongue and not said a word on there about some things that I've read. I have to remind myself that I don't need to expose my life or be a daily tabloid for others to read. I consider myself to be a private person on there and I don't even feel comfortable with 90% of my "friends". That's why i go on here. This is my nook, this is my peaceful place to think, share ideas, and do whatever the fuck i want. So by the way, why would somebody care what I looked like 12 years ago? lol
  • So I've contributed 10 bucks to the office pool for the lottery. Yes people we're at 290 mil. and if we were to somehow win, I would be happy with anything. My needs aren't ridiculous and I don't mind working for a couple more years...hehehe. give me a house, (one for my mom and grandma too), some left over money to pay whatever property taxes and the such, oh and my bills, IVF etc...and i'll be good. :)
  • I think i need to go back to sleeping without a pillow. I like the 40 dollar pillow, but my neck still hurts. so what the fudge...and really it's the muscle in my shoulder inhibiting my movement.
  • Hunger Games. what is the friggin Craze (with a capital C) about????? OK I'm not the only one asking this stupid question...Yahoo answers suggests it's another twilight or even harry potter-movie based on a series of books. yay. I don't want to get sucked in to something like either of those two- I watched the first Harry Poooter and when they kept making them i was like EH shrug. Found the hobbity series much more entertaining.  
  • Great list of stretches to do at your desk. I think i'll try and do all of these twice a day! click here
  • hmmm i kinda like this....

 12 bucks at
  • Hautelook i is featuring airbrush cosmetics! 125 bucks for a starter kit, if you're interested. Berghoff cookware and accessories also available on ideeli...they look so pretty. shoes, sandals lots of stuff on their today...Some beautiful flowy shirts, dresses and skirts by Chaudry on Hautelook!
  • Which reminds me I need a super comfortable shoe when i go to NY. and something that looks pretty with a dress. Comfort and style...i hope i can find that...
  • i love the Voice. I haven't said much about it lately, because i've been too sleepy to talk about anything. But i want to say something about mr Blake Shelton. He's adorable, he's got a hotty wife and when he says stuff about the women on the show, I shiver. Sure she's probably comfortable with that, but really it's sorta disrepectful to her. What ever happened to country boys do it better? 
  •  Is it just me or am I the only one who hates when boards on pinterest are categorized by other people. If i wanted to categorize something I would, but most of the time it doesn't fit in their categories, so stop it. 
  • I want to see Mirror Mirror. Looks fun.
  • Google Offers has tickets for two to the Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, 17 bucks! Gerry and i love Fisherman's wharf so i'm checking in with him to see if he wants to go. eh, i bought them..looks like fun!!!

alright everyone, i gotta do the bootscootinboogie...heheh...tootles

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