Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sooooo embarrassed. "Someone" put a video from my "fifteen minutes" of fame on Facebook. it's not just my fifteen minutes, but a whole band, still I feel a bit grossed out. lol.  They focused a lot on my ex husband and I, and I was a friggin dork. it's also embarrassing, because I said something dorky about meeting Eminem. Which of course someone had to comment about and instead of spelling his name correctly translated to me wanting to divorce my husband for a
So far the comments aren't so bad, but my biggest fear is this will open up old wounds. Yes there is a story, a long story too drawn out for a blog and would probably suit a tele novela, but we're going to leave it alone. This morning while I was in the shower i realized that in the video, the crew came to my work where my boss spoke to Matt Pinfield about me deserving to be a rock star. I almost screamed. I was in the shower and I turned red! why??? why???? lol. ok it was 12 years ago, but shit. it's friggin embarrassing. Lucky for me though, i have a friend and a boyfriend who are calming me down. I should be proud of it (even though I was super nervous and pitchy). ok let's carry on now. and the band was Headboard by the way. if y'all were interested. And the show was Farmclub.
  • i am buying the Shark Vac and Steam. can't pass it up. On ideeli, no shipping. I've been looking for another super steam mop AND it vacuums, now that's a winner.
  • It's 9:44 you know what you're making for dinner? Cooking is always on my mind. I am hoping I'm not alone. We have a roast and some new rubs to play with, so we're definitely having some beef tonight. Hopefully some  french fries (Gerry and I are cooking together!) and a caesar salad too! Check out Epicurious and see what they think you should have for dinner looks nummy!!!

  •  My dog must have issues with me. Maybe Gerry's right. Bella only acts looney with me. Yesterday Gerry and I took her out and he let her go play in the park, if i had hackles they would have been raised-she did great. She also played with another dog. I need his help. Looks like we need to take Bella out together. Not just me. She acts differently with me than she does with him. I guess it all comes down to me.  And now i'm not happy about that. My own tension is causing my dog to have issues. I should just give up. :(

Alright i got nuttin...but i'm leaving that little dot above just in case i come back and need to write more...have a great day avocado heads.

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