Monday, March 26, 2012

Good (Monday) Morning Sunshine.

Now wake up. Lot's to talk about.
  • 90% of my weekend was AWESOME. Let's start with Friday. Remember that Flashmob I was talking about. Well we went. I pretty much said "fuck it" and attempted the dance i learned that day. Let's just say most of the crowd was as confused as I was. It made for good fun and felt like a party in the street! Check out the video. This is NOT our footage. My stupid fingers must have not pressed the red button on the tablet and poor Gerry is seen here filming nothing. After that we went to Fort Mason and ate at Off the Grid-if you recall those are the food trucks i was talkin about on Friday. Discovered the Malaysion truck and had one of the best sandwiches in my life. Chicken Garlic Ganang sandwich from Azalalina's Malaysian, Wings from Wing Wing, Tacos from Kung Fu Taco, and macaroni and cheese spring rolls from 3 Sum Eats, and Chicken Skewers at (i think) Bombzies. I have to go back for the sandwich but I want to try a burrito at Kung Fu Taco. Seriously, there is not enough tummy room to try everything and it does get pricey-6 to 7 bucks a plate...Still super fun night...and now i'm hungry.

 I'm wearing  a plaid coat next to my girlfriend with the blonde streaks in her hair. :)
  • Saturday. It was pouring rain. Gerry cleared out the sun porch and our house once again feels like a house again! We went to the movies and watched 21 Jump Street. I expected it to suck, but so funny! i loved it! We had a good night.
  • Sunday. Therapy was something i really didn't want to go to this weekend. Couples therapy can either leave you feeling accomplished or drained. Some topics are too painful, but in order to move on with a relationship and grow issues need to be dealt with. Well ofcourse that had to be the day we dealt with them, after this wonderful weekend. After the hour was up I felt deflated. I wanted to sleep, but i made myself still make the most of the day. We wound up cleaning Ger's rifle and going shooting. Which was fun and got me a bit out of the funk. We came home and relaxed and I started my first ever Corned BEEF! yes, i know St Paddy's day was last weekend, but I didn't get to have any so eff you. Let me tell ya, it tastes awesome. I have leftovers for some hash or sandwiches, and not sure if i can do this, but i saved the broth put the potatoes, carrots and cabbage back in for some soup...Gerry really liked it and said it was authentic. So guess who'll be making St Paddy's day dinner next year-hopefully in my new house..hahhaa. we'll see about that last part.
  • It's official. My credit card is now less than 5k. Please don't be shocked. I've had it for a couple of years and well...what do you want from me...Still. I'm now making larger payments and I foresee 5 more months and that's that! KMFX.
  • Hautelook: today's top item-I would say the Philosophy brand stuff-shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc...30% off of the normal price.
  • Ideeli-today's top items-Level 99 jeans look pretty cute. I need a good pair of bell bottom Khaki Trousers, pricey 49.99. The section the Swim Shop has some great two pieces at really good prices. Designer Boutique featuring Fendi, Prada and Burberry bags. Don't look at them if you want to see how much the savings are....
  • Now you can start following Pure Wow on pinterest! Do so, if you haven't already. 
  • I started a weekly Menu on Saturday. Corned Beef and Cabbage was on it. and then i think I stopped. I know I want to make Risotto this week...and then i got distracted and now I"m blank. looks like i have to check out Pinterest later to help with our meals.  I'll have to do an italian meal with sausage...i think...ack..i'll come back with some menu ideas for the week.
  • When is a pitbull not a pitbull-great story and by God I often look at people who think they're backyard bred dog is some pure bred animal.  I try my hardest to look confused when I say what Bella is. It's confusing because her size, face and her legs don't match the "pitbull" characteristics on the UKC website, if you check the AKC website, you'll see they don't have American pitbull terriers, but the American Staffordshire Terrier. It's all a big friggin mess for the rest of us. Bella doesn't truly fit in either category and I'm convinced she's mostly American Bulldog. I want to get the genetic testing done, because I think it would be fun. maybe when i pay all of my bills!
  • Thinking of checking out Harrow-thanks to thrillist they put up a picture of a pulled pork sandwich that screamed-EAT ME....i think that's a good thing...
  • Is it just me or are women flat footed or something? All of these sandals have no foot support. I have to walk through the streets of Manhattan...I want to be comfortable. What am i going to do?
  • Hey New York!!! Adult Easter Egg Hunt...I think we may have to do this the living social deal here
  • Thank you facebook for banning Puppy Mill Ads.
  • Alrighty everyone...i gotta go. Hope you enjoyed my novel today!

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