Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Will today be the day???

Will I be booking a flight today??? Ugh i don't know...1k for 2 roundtrip tix to NY...I feel like Jetblue can do better. Yes I am a snob, i only fly jetblue. Maybe I should look at other companies...bleh...I just want to see my family, but I also don't want to be broke. haha. sometimes you just can't win.
  • bleh now i'm depressed. Life gets in the way of traveling. I'm praying that Bella's UTI is improving and we won't have to do anything serious. I just hate thinking about more surgeries or ultrasounds etc, for our dog. She doesn't need that and ofcourse we'll do it for her, but she's our dog, i want her to be happy. :(
  • Sorry Jetblue, i'm going to look elsewhere....i may have to wait a month anyway to buy tix for May. 
  • i love any opportunity to eat in San Francisco. so receiving and deals online makes me quite happy. I haven't been impressed with Google Offers sales though,  and this one isn't that awesome, but I realized that they atleast help promote restaurants. The menu looks pretty tasty, check out the google offer here. Colombini Cafe and Bistro
  • This livingsocial deal sounds delectable and I wish we had time to do this on a friday, but for the rest of you check out the Healdsburg Culinary Experience. Sounds fun, educational and hello! delicious.
  • oh did I ever tell you guys that Sole Society finally stopped charging fees or whatever they were doing, now you don't have to skip a it's actually worth going on their website and browsing
  • i want this dress...
BUT they have it in a size 1/'s a new arrival...are you telling me they only made ONE SIZE???? I feel like i'm going to die if I don't get this dress, ok that was a bit overdramatic, but it's's my dress...if you want it because you're a skinny mini go here: delia dresses and if you spend over 50 bucks, take 20 bucks off with this code: BIGDEAL It's a three day sale by the way...
  • Where else but on thrillist would you find out about the amazing world dodgeball society. check it out here... I used to love dodgeball. i liked the movie too. 
  • ah..i don't want to jinx myself, but i'm feeling slightly better...i can walk better and some areas hurt a tad, but others feel ok. i'm scared to jump for joy because that could fuck it all up. lol

ok i gotta run...tootles.

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