Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Please wake up...

I cannot wake up. I'm tired every morning. Coffee isn't the best thing for me anymore, so I think i'm going to switch to decaf. It's not like it wakes me up or anything-just makes me jittery. Don't worry i think i'll do half and half rather than go full on decaf.
  • I've been trying to read my full collection of Edgar Allen Poe for the last 4 days or so. Last night I took a break because, The Facts and the Case of M. Valdemar, creeped me out so much that I couldn't go to sleep on Monday night.  It's a great story; scary as expected, but i'm pretty sure it could be read in the daylight just fine. I must restructure reading time so that i can enjoy it yet not be terrified of going to sleep. 

  • How do you tell a friend who is doing amazing things with his band to NOT text you band flyers. It's not like I don't get facebook alerts and the such. sigh. I know i have unlimited texts, but some people don't.  For me it's more like, I know when your band is playing and I'll come out to a show when i feel like Gerry and I can make it. I just feel so bad because the first thing I thought was "REALLY???" lol...
  • What the hell is a brazilian blow out???? ok so it's some process where they smooth the hair and make it all shiney and smooooothhhh...did i already say smooth? I'm probably the last person on earth asking what it is, but I guess it's like a relaxer for frizzy hair. Cool. I thought it was like Amazon woman hair!
  •  Check out PureWow's exercises you can do without the gym, I am only about exercising without going to the gym. But you gotta look at the pic of the girl brushing her teeth, i'm adapting that exercise every am from now on. :)
  • Last night I made lava cakes. I'm trying to play around with fillings because the oozy stuff is the fun part. I placed a dollop of peanut butter in the center and my oh my, it was delicious yet a bit rich. Still yummy. 
  • I also made a mini roast beef, green beans in garlic butter and a caesar salad. I think i may have found the most amazing caesar dressing, Ack I forgot what the brand was. I promise i'll get back to you.
  • What's for dinner tonight? I'm thinking Bacon wrapped Chicken Breasts with Swiss cheese and bread crumbs, Gerry fries? and another Caesar? hmmm we'll see what I'm in the mood for.
  • i love love love this blog!!! no not mine-well ofcourse I love mine, but i'm talking about Notes from a dogwalker and today's blog talks about Dog Walking Social groups. They even list social groups around the country!!! how fun is that. I didn't see one for my area, but I hope someone starts one! 
  • Gerry and I are making a list of things to do in NY-especially things he wants to do. I have take a walk through Central Park, visit FAO schwartz, and he wants to go to the Statue of Liberty...or atleast the island.-because there is not way i can wait in a line for hours with my stupid back. it's just not gonna happen, but i think taking the ferry and walking about and taking a pic with her would be fantastic. I definitely want to take advantage of the beautiful May weather I'm praying we have. :) He mentioned Coney Island too and i can't remember if i've been there or not!!!
  • A new ingredient-at least for me anyway-to play with will be hoisin sauce. i want to coat some chicken (with skin) in it and roast...yummy...hmmm....
  • ok i gotta mambo...also Gerry and I are trying to come up with something super cool to do with my grandmother and mom for MOTHER's DAY while we're there....gotta think gotta think....
lots o luv....

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