Thursday, March 15, 2012

Let me go back to bed...

I need my sleep. I hate daylight savings time. My body is too sensitive to change. damn you.
  • I really want a corned beef sandwich with fontina cheese. I'd like to thank Bon Appetit for this idea that has resonated since yesterday and like crazy glue has fastened itself onto my stomach and i keep thinking about the delicious, mouth watering taste of  mustard and corned beef with gooey fontina's a picture so you can also drool...

  •   AH kitchen sale on ideeli!...I cannot buy anything...NOOOOO...
  • So anyone else catch Fashion Star this week...I caught a glimpse of it, i was pretty excited to see it, but since i missed half the show i figured i'll wait and see a full show. The guy who said the panel didn't know anything about high fashion was a dork. I may not like Nicole Ritchie or Jessica Simpson, but i respect their opinion since they're so close to the fashion industry. And also dude was just making leather jackets, nothing impressive if you ask me. 
  • So my friend just asked me if i knew what Steampunk was all about. No I don't. But here is the link just in case anyone out there wants to know, I understand it now that Wikepedia helped me out. :)
 think victorian meets 1900 technology and stuff. Best to look it up if you're still confused.
  • For Clarity purposes, everyone needs to read this KC dog Blog about the word adoptable and No Kill shelters. Please take the time to read it to educate yourself so that you know the truth about some no kill shelters. Some aren't as good as you think.
  • Ugh, some people have sick humor. There's one thing i don't joke about and that's hurting children or animals. This chick on FB has a couple of times thought it funny to say something about a baby seal walking into a club. People, it's not funny. it's disgusting. And when you watch a defenseless animal actually get clubbed you don't forget it. 

 just in case you need to be reminded here's the fucking picture. Now go to this link and sign the friggin petition to end Canada's commercial seal hunt. friggin assholes in this world.....
  • ugh...that picture bothers me so much, i only put it up to grab your attention, this shit isn't funny. Hurting an animal or a child or a human or anything natural to our environment for the means of making money, abuse, etc is ridiculous and cruel. End this crap now. 
  • Wow, I foresee an enormous amount of people voting for Obama during election time. All these republican hopefuls are scarier than Sarah Palin. Telling Puerto Ricans to speak english, because he doesn't like it....well fuck off and give them their country back idiot. this guy is soooo soooo stupid...he gives Saturday night live a lot of material.
  • here's your awwww for the day....
  • oh dear me what's for dinner...well it can go two ways. Pork something or other, because i took out the frozen leftovers from last week out...or zatarains rice and beans with spicy sausage...i feel silly now for taking out the pork...but i will find good use for it. i think i'm going to stew it in some tomato and onion and serve with risotto??? i don't know if i have enough parmesan, but i should probably get some. 
  • Well the rain has sorta stopped, so maybe this means i get to take Bella on a little walk later today. We have TWO storms approaching us, so we're not outta the clear just yet. fun shit. 

 Because we should never forget the truth about dogs ending up in shelters. We are responsible for millions of deaths. WE are responsible for the stupidity and ignorance of people who don't know anything about breeding. Vow to love and keep your animals, and if you feel like you would have to give them up ever, for any reason then DO NOT ADOPT.

 see you later kittens and pups.

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