Monday, March 5, 2012

Thank you earthquake for the wake up call...

But couldn't you have waited until i actually had to get up, it was only a couple of hours later you know? Man I am beat....
  • So Nor Cal people we aren't the only ones who experienced some quakes today. Look at the list on earthquake We've got us, Argentina, India, everyone is ok..
  • Cramps...they suck. 
  • My weekend was pretty laid back. Saturday I spent it with my dog and waiting for Gerry to get home. He came home at midnight. Super busy work day for him. That's the sucky part about having a determined, goal oriented, boyfriend. lol. not sucky at all. It's better than being with someone who has no goals. I remind myself constantly that this is his livelihood, his future etc, but I can't help but miss him when he's not around. I get sad and stuff. Yesterday I went to the beach with friends and even though i was the fifth wheel, i had a really good time. At one point I said "i wish Gerry could have been here with us, OOOH that's a pretty dress" lol. I missed him, but i was ok with being alone. I think I'm doing pretty good. :) He did promise me next Saturday is our day. So I'm excited. I'll probably take Bella and tire her out in the AM and then we'll go do something interesting.
  • I have to get back into eating right...I'm feeling a lot better, but still get easily tired after standing or walking for a while. It's to be expected, i've lost muscle mass and that pisses me off.  Today I have some oatmeal and some butternut squash soup. Dinner is my funky leftover casserole idea. I made this pork shoulder-plain-in the crock pot cut it in half, saved one half for the rest of the week for pulled pork BBQ sammiches. Last night i stewed it pork shoulder in chili verde and jamaican jerk seasoning, made some Zatarains rice and some green beans. Tonight i'm making fake enchiladas with the leftovers, rolling them up in tortillas and baking them. why 
  • Check out They have a  blog about notification control and cleaning up your inbox. It's pretty damn cool and when i have more time i'll definitely have to check it out. Sometimes I don't need to know who else liked the pic my friend took on facebook, especially if i don't know them.
  • I'm in love with theBalm packaging. Cute retroesque pictures. It's a bit pricey-which is why i haven't bought it, but I do want to try it. Items are on sale on Hautelook...just check out some of the packaging:

 Really the price is really good on Hautelook. Half of what you would expect from sephora if you like this brand, go check it out. I'll probably wait until they come back, because i'm not in the mood to shop. lol..

ok all i gotta get this out for you to read and stuff. plus it's really hard to concentrate since I'm still super enjoy and have a beautiful day!

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