Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey internet, what up?

Happy Monday. I'm pretty glad it's Monday. The weekend was relaxing and the such, but in a way a bit lonely. Gerry went up snowboarding and I truly just needed to have some time alone. still i missed the bonehead and am looking forward to a nice week and hopefully a good weekend coming up.
  • I may buy tickets to NY today. :) Sorry jetblue, but Virgin airways or whatever they're called may beat you. The price is nice! 140 each flight per person. which comes out to 560! I didn't add the taxes and the such, but I can't pass this by. Just need to have a chat with my boss before i purchase. Still a bit nervous about leaving Bella behind, but I know she'll be in good hands. 
  • I did not have Corned Beef this weekend. How sad is that. Funny how when you get upset with someone and decide you don't want to be around anyone that you decide that the one thing you wanted all week long you didn't need. I did buy myself a corned beef to make next week, because that's how i roll. :)
  • ok...gonna buy these tix. What sucks is that we have to go to SFO. I don't normally fly there, I'm an Oakland girl because the airport is so quiet. hehehe. oh well, some beggers can't be winners, but whatever the tix are bought!!! NY I'll see you in May!!!!
  • Ok, so i've been waiting for something like this to happen, Room Service. They're in the Sunset district in SF. They deliver Alcohol, cereal, icecream and even pepto bismol...why this wasn't around when i went to SF state is beyond me. sigh. maybe this will lower the DUI rates in the area. Not saying they're high or anything, but awesome idea! Check out the Thrillist so that you can also be in on the new hip shit in town! 
  • Nothing really catching my eye on the shopping front which is good news for you and me...oh wait, i already spend some money today, no wonder everything looks expensive!!!!
  • Fake people suck, by the way. just sayin....
  • I played with my hair this weekend and learned a couple of new styles. One is the rosie the riveter bandana hair thing which I was felt stupid after watching it on youtube because it's so simple. 
There are a lot of fun videos too. I usually  have no patience with my hair but once you watch the video and try it (my hair don't tease too well) it's not so hard! enjoy.

Aight, i've got stuff to do, sorry this is such a short post, hugs.

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