Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lot's to think about.

Ever wonder what's right or what's wrong? What's up and what's down? What you're sure of or what you aren't? LIfe is the ever changing rollercoaster that dips and plunges into depths unknown and then shoot you into the sky with no restraints, so when you float down your gasping for breath. The last couple of days I've felt all over the place. How do you make decisions in life if you don't really know where you stand. How do you look at a situation and say "I'm done" even though things are fine, but the future may not be what you really want.  and what the hell is the future? The future hasn't happened yet; intentions aren't clear and maybe that's troubling. (love the vagueness don't you?) I hate uncertainty. There are things I know in life. We will all die. That I know. But before that what happens? Some of us aren't blessed to have children naturally, some of us aren't married, some of us don't have goals that occupy are what do we do until then? Shop? expose our lives to other people with play by play posts about our stupid lives?  I don't know. All I know is I don't want to regret anything on my dying day, but if i'm already regretting some things because of confusion and delusion where does that leave me? Well let's get on with the normalities of this blog: Here ya go...
  • 30 minute horseback riding on Livingsocial in Sunol for 30 bucks. Man, if I had a better back, shoulder, neck...etc...meaning if i wasn't all broken, i would totally do this. If you see this BUY it. 30 minutes on a horse is amazing. 
  • Ideeli top items-If you see a picture of Nicole Ritchie click on it. This is when I wish my mother did get me a giftcard from Ideeli-I want ALL three shirts AND a pair of jeans AND some shoes. Just to show you the pretty stuff here you go:
39.99 Lovestitch
29.99 Genetics
79.99 Joe's Jeans

Love this outfit...but i can't buy it.

 another ideeli fav of mine is the 360 skin care line.
Also check out their windy city specials...pretty cool...
  • This whole Hunger Games crap is annoying. Who and WHY are people reading this stuff? I sort of understood Harry Potter books and I definitely understood the reason why people went to Lord of the Rings and read the Hobbit, but I guess I don't get books these days. I had no idea people were even reading anymore. Here I am, reading Edgar Allen Poe and Louisa May Alcott's, Flower Fables. I guess i don't get it. shrug.
  • Virgin Atlantic has a two day sale and woohoo prices are nice! buy in the next couple of days and you score some deals. 
  • Hautelook top items: "Bridal Kitchen Essentials featuring Cuisinart. :). Alexis is kind of interesting-high priced beach coverups that look pretty hot on the models. lol. Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and POP. ok i have always wanted extensions, but my hair is so thin that i just think it's a bad idea. Next time i see this I'm going for it....why the hell not...
  • Ok that's all for me today. Talk to y'all tomorrow!


iLY said...

LOVE those shoes! :)


Jacky aka Queenijax said...

me too. I should have bought them....:(