Friday, March 9, 2012

Blisters on my feeeeet.

I wore ballet flats yesterday and after a long day at work, I took Bella on a walk. I had no idea i was going to get a blister on the back of my ankle. OUCHIE. The only shoes that would go with today's outfit were another pair of black flats, of course i have to wear a bandaid-but it still hurts. You'd think we'd develop some kind of callous....being a woman is tough.
  • I officially  had too much coffee this am. Trying to cut down, because it makes me pretty jittery in the morning. During the day I'm ok after meals, but first thing in the AM i'm a bundle of nerves.
  • Wow, the classiest prom dresses are on sale at ideeli. They're so pretty!!! and cute shoes!
Lucky for me. They're out of my size.
Kitchenaid is on sale too. You get an ideeli credit if you buy a mixer!
  • Hautelook has Maui and Sons swimwear. It's not my style but the prices are right (i'm VERY picky about swimsuits/bikini's) 12 bucks for bottoms and tops. Also their Garden Style section is very affordable; very cute items. Imoshion is officially my favorite brand for purses. They have some cute styles and they're on sale! I already have a purse and if the one below was in black and white or some darker color i would have snatched it up!

 I'm buying some hair stuff by Ecru. Good price and well, i hate paying full price  for serums and good detanglers. I remember when i ran out of  some serum or argan oil I had to buy some and I was so pissed off that i didn't buy it off hautelook or ideeli because full price is like 25 bucks! I'd rather save, sorry.....
  • hmmm...well Only in San Francisco right? World Naked Bike Ride day, just in case you wanted something to do. Here's the link. I just don't think i could ride naked for an hour and well, no i'm just not that fun...but I could be a spectator AND we will be in the city.....
  • Coupon for Peet's Founder's Day, buy one coffee get the second free on Saturday March 10th go to Johnny Funcheaps page and print out the coupon.
  • I have realized I am terrible at buying children gifts. ok maybe not so bad, but I have no idea what to get people. I get stage fright, like what i'm about to get a child is too "young" or "immature" for them and clothing well UGH!!! sigh...I will keep looking later. 
  • I'm hungry. insert sad face here. I didn't bring any oatmeal. 

Alrighty guys and dolls i gotta boogie! have a great day!

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