Wednesday, August 31, 2011

o bla di o bla dah....

sing it with me "life goes onnnnn, on la la la la life goes on". Good song aye?
here you go if you want some more...

So a jolly good morning to you!!!
  • Ergonomics. Just in case you need the definition, wikipedia is there for you, click on the link. So you know how I went to acupuncture and felt great afterward. Well let's just say, my desk is the problem. Lucky for me, we're getting a keyboard tray today so i can reconfigure this whole mess of a desk. I also need a fat pillow for my back because the only thing keeping me up, is me. my seat is too big.  I didn't quite understand how important this was/is until I started feeling pain again 4 hours after working on Monday. I will be making another appt with my acupuncturist for this weekend, I definitely want to feel brand spanking new next week! So pretty much what i'm trying to say is look at your desk, your repetitive tasks, how you hold yourself up, how far the keyboard is from you etc....this shit is real important and trust me no joke. 
  • oh loooky here....
this is actually my picture. :) i made this last night. It's my chicken Pot Pie. Here are my loosey goosey directions:
I started out with one small white onion, sliced and sauteed in hot pan with a bit of olive oil, dice chicken breasts into small cubes and season with garlic salt and pepper, place in hot pan with onions, cook until chicken is no longer bleeding, add frozen mixed vegetables, let the veggies cook in there for a tiny bit and then add a can of potato soup, and about a cup to two cups (depending on how soupy you want it) of chicken broth, in ramekins cut your ready made pie crust in half and gently place it inside covering the sides, gently ladle in the pot pie filling, fold the flaps in, use a fork to press the sides put into a 350 degree oven until the top is light light brown. voila
*tip-next time i'm going to make it soupier, a lot of the liquid cooked while in the oven, so maybe you'll find you need to do that too! 
  • ugh...don't you hate when people make plans for you for the weekend like two days before the weekend is here???? well i guess we'll see what happens...I really want a day off off. I like that one day a weekend where it's like relax relax relax. Sure i like go mode, but i also need to relax dammit. So Monday i want to be home and able to do so. :) it's labor day weekend dammit.
  • if you need to expand your recipe's or weekly menues check out sunset magazine online you may have to sign up, but it's free and there are links to 5-6 other magazines. 
  • So a couple of my friends had a lot of fun going whitewater rafting in Tennessee. I'm almost willing to try it, I mean why not? right??? I can always go with the 5 and under group and just float down the river while my peers go coocoo bumping into rocks and flying off the raft. If you're in California check out
Alright my lovelies, i must boogie. Have a great day and stay safe.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gray Mornings give way to Sunny days.

So far these last couple of days the mornings have been gray and foggy. A reminder that Fall and Winter are not too far ahead. Each day I look out the window I long to wear long sleeves and comfy sweaters. In the Bay Area you can't fall into that trap or else by noon you'll be dripping with sweat. Still, I like that Fall is approaching, it may not be like New England with the leaves changing from green to bright orange red to dead brown, but it works here.
  • Eat this, Not that has once again caught my eye this morning. Weight loss recipes and they ALL look fattening. I admit it, I've gained about 2lbs. I need to start walking again, but why not try some weight loss recipes. Check out 15 best recipes for Weight Loss. We have to eat chicken tonight, so maybe i'll try their Chicken parm recipe! My tummy is officially growling....
  • Thanks to KCDOG blog, I find out some great information on studies around the world regarding dog behavior, this is the newest yet-check it out
  • Hautelook has Dav Rainboots. There nearly sold out, but you have to check these out because they have great designs. Wish I had a credit on hautelook. lol.
  • just ate a bit of my leftover pasta...I know, it's 10am and i'm eating pasta, but I swear it was like a tiny bit. 
  • MLB presents their 50% sale! Ofcourse I linked you to the Yankee sale, but i bet you can find your favorite team on the site.
 I'm a medium by the way....just in case anyone wants to buy this for me! HAHAHAHA!

  •  I never did tell you what I wound up making this weekend with my brand new Cuisinart Food Processor. Well I made Tomato Sauce! I bought about 5 lbs of tomatoes, threw em in the food processor, 2 onions, 5 garlic cloves and then poured it into a crockpot, added 2 cans of tomato paste, basil, salt, pepper and italian seasonings. Pretty much tasted throughout the day. The sauce pretty much cooked on low for about 7 hours. It was delicious. I have two in the freezer, one may have to come out tonight for that chicken parm dish....mmmmm
  • OOOOH...oh my what to do???? Chicken Parm or Chicken Pot Pie???? Yes peeps, i do have pie crust at home. I have to make this. Gerry loves Pot Pie. I promise I will make the Chicken Parm in a couple of days! oooh I'm so excited!  oh yeah, i guess you're gonna want this recipe huh...Here it is Also something for the holidays? Peanut Butter Cup Cookie
  • I realized i haven't taken a picture of my beautiful couch. I must get on that, because seriously i can live on that couch. If I close my eyes, I can see it and i want to lay down on it. 
  • Holy spam. No wonder I no longer use hotmail anymore. Unfortunately when I order from Amazon (i haven't bought a thing!) I have to use that email address. I can't figure out how to change it, I can't remember the password either. oops. But oh my I am so happy with Gmail. I would hate to get that much spam...
  • Ok, so I'm a fan of the Kottonmouth Kings and no I do not smoke pot, I know hard to believe. Apparently Mickey Avalon has joined the Subnoize record company....i really don't know what to think here. I've seen the guy live and really wasn't impressed, although all of his material was pure satire in my eyes. For all of you who maybe haven't heard of Mickey Avalon, i will bless your ears with his music...

  •  I was just handed a bag of pears. I need to make a pear pie! Usually i follow the same recipe as an apple pie, but these pears are close to ripeness that i may just use a simple recipe kinda like this one
Well all, I'm starving as I write all of this and i have to jet. Have a fab day peeps!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I guess Monday's aren't so bad after all.

Yes it is the same old me. I complain every Monday. Monday's are well, Monday's. But this Monday, I'm not going to complain about it being said day. It's just another day. la la la.
  • Acupuncture went wonderfully! I left with a smile on my face. Sure the needles hurt in certain areas but you sorta forgot they were in you when you relaxed. When i started tensing up and thinking of things I had to do, i felt the pressure. I will be re-honing my meditation skills before my next appt, so I can make good use of that time to clear my mind and enjoy the moment. My acupuncturist was incredible. He massaged, did some acupressure AND crackalacka'd me-which means he adjusted me. I do have to admit that I was a little sore afterward, but to be truly honest-MY HIPS DO NOT HURT ANYMORE. And although my muscles on my shoulders are a little stiff, they aren't as bad as they were before. I get to go back a couple of more times and he thinks that should do it. Do I recommend this? YES. I am really happy i did it. I cannot wait to call later on this week to book another appointment.
  • I saw Conan the Barbarian. I actually thought it was pretty good. Lot's of blood and stuff, but not bad. I have to admit i've never seen the original and I'm not a fan of Ahnold, except for his role in Terminator 2. Nope he didn't even win my heart when he was in Kindergarten Cop. 
  • So apparently I have a tire allergy. I have never heard of such a thing, until yesterday. Now I've gotten tires before so I find it hard to believe that I am allergic to tires or rubber or latex or whatever. Yesterday was a warm day and I needed tires ASAP, thanks to some nails, screws and whatever had infected my tire, we woke up to a flat and Gerry wanted to make sure I had a good set of tires before fall and the winter season arrived. We walk into the tire shop and it's pretty warm in there, fans are blowing the warm air all around and the men begin to talk shop about what I need on my car. My palms started getting a little itchy and little white bumps began to form. They became itchy and started to sting. We left my car there and pretty much ran to CVS so I can get some benadryl. Eventually the itchines stopped and the little red bumps that had appeared on my wrists disappeared. All of this came back though when we returned. I still have some lingering bumps on my palms and I noticed I even have some on the top of my foot. so strange. I'll be taking more benadryl when i get home tonight. 
  • Ugh, my boyfriends truck got broken into. I REALLY WISH WE LIVED ELSEWHERE.  I'd rather live away from the downtown area so we don't have to deal with these crimes. For the most part they're petty, but still quite annoying and starting to cost a lot of money. We need a place to put these trucks, they definitely do not belong on the street in this town.
  • hmmm, Derek Jeter is Single it's news. :)

  • After my very expensive weekend, I must once again tighten up the reins on my spending. Really sucks. So i have a couple of weeks of NO spending on frivolous things. I have a wedding in October and then Gerry's birthday-and then another freeze for me, because I will want to shop on Black Friday. Yes i am a dork. I take Black friday off for that main purpose. 
  • So Bella had a great weekend. Played with some dogs and I gotta tell you, I used the scattering dog treats on the ground before she sees another dog and it worked. I'm telling ya, letting your dog know that it's ok and there's nothing to fear about another dog and using food to help you, not a bad idea. Leash aggression is too common. All in all things went wonderfully this weekend. 
  • I am not a twinkie fan. I don't buy twinkies from the store as a snack ever. BUT deep fried twinkies
    are amazing.. 
Well that's it for today. Have a lot of work to do and it's a good day. Good day to all!

Friday, August 26, 2011


It is the day of the FRIDAY!!!!! The dayeth that endeth the workweek! HURRAH!!!!
Tell me the following picture doesn't make you tear up a little bit...

Loyal to the end indeed. To wake up to the cuteness and these types of pictures go to Seriously this just makes me want to cry. If you visit the page, don't watch the video unless you seriously want watery eyes.

  • Speaking of dogs....Here are some great links on some dog training exercises:
On leash aggression-this article is great. I understand the whole process much better now!
  • Can you believe that I didn't purchase anything at the ideeli cuisinart sale? I didn't, but you should. They've got food processors! 

 alright people I'll try to be back later. I'm super focused at work!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't you Friday Eve me!

What the hell is up with the last couple of weeks taking so long to get to Friday???? It's eerie that the work days are going by so friggin slow yet the month is almost magically over. What's going on here? My co worker greets me every Thursday with "Happy Friday Eve!", today I wanted to throw my stapler at her. We definitely live for the weekends, waking up late and doing something other than what we normally do.
  • You know that dress I bought for the wedding? Well I need a pair of flats. Lo and behold I see a picture of flats on Ideeli and I'm stoked, until I see the friggin price. $179 for flats?  Are you insane? That's like half a shoe and you're charging for what??? a bow???? When you see the name Repetto, remember expensivo...
  • Speaking of Ideeli. Just a forewarning, Cuisinart will be featured tomorrow....oh my what are they gonna sell!!!!!
  • I think I should have called in sick. #1. Boss told me to turn down my music because he has a headache and doesn't feel good. grrr. my music was a little louder this am, but he wasn't here when i got in and that's the only reason I had it a bit louder than normal. #2. I entered invoices into the wrong company and now i must start all over again. Why do i have to be a dumb dumb sometimes. .
  • I woke up this morning and realized I never quite understood what "loose ligaments" means. let's find out.
Ligaments are tough fibrous bands of tissue that connect one bone to another, and often cover a joint. Ligaments give structure and help define joint function, and help keep bones in close proximity during movement. Ligaments can be easily damaged and overstretched. They also do not generally heal very well once injured. Ligament laxity, or looseness, causes instability in the joint and can lead to damage to the joint and surrounding tissues.
so pretty much i'm screwed. But never fear I am getting ACUPUNCTURE in TWO DAYS! Am I expecting miracles? Yes, sort of. Something has to work, I can't take this anymore. Ok i will stop complaining now.
  • Let's think about pretty things...happy things...
this guy makes me smile....
We're having program issues and I need to calm down...let's keep going with some happy things ok....
  • Gerry is so smart. It would annoy me when he spent so much time on CL (craigslist), but when he finds me stuff I want and for FREE! Well I gotta give him tons of credit...Thank you baby for the Food processor you got me yesterday. Ok so i've got some great ideas to try using the food processor...check it out...
paula deen's pesto cheese blossoms - sounds like a must just for fun....mmmm, maybe at the next BBQ!

 Basil Pesto
This is a must for any food processor....I can't wait to try it. I probably will hold off on a bit of the lemon, but it looks like a pretty simple recipe, so why not give it a go!
flaky food processor pie crust-everyone needs a good recipe. I'll definitely try this and tell you what i think!

and ofcourse...
 Salsa Fresca!

ok i think i'm calmer now...I will end today's programming with this...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When was the last time you listened to Def Leppard?

Just asking. My Ipod decided to play "Armageddon it" I was quickly pulled back to 7th and 8th grade; braces, pegged pants and vests with white T-shirts. Luckily, that ended quickly because I wasn't on a commodore 64. phew. Just to share the memories, here you go....
  • The game was ok. The Giants lost. very sad. We were sitting in the bleachers by the outfield. Really not a bad place to sit. With the recent news of violence at games I studied the crowd around me and realized almost everyone had a beer in their hands. I'm not automatically blaming alcohol, but really sometimes I wonder if the people yelling at #88 (Blanks from the Padres) saying all kinds of obscenities would really do that if they hadn't been all liquored up. One wrong word to some of these people and the torch would be lit. It was sort of embarrassing.  I did find it funny when people exclaimed "Padres Suck" when they won the game...Whatever happened to it's just a game...I get the anger when your favorite team loses a game, it effin sucks, but how does it really affect your life???? There will always be more games or atleast there will always be a next year. 
  • So we had an earthquake this morning? Maybe I'm one of those people who doesn't feel such things...It was at 6:30 am. Read info here

hmm what strange weather we're having....The more I think about it, the more I'm getting a little paranoid.
  • Probably a good idea to go buy some canned items, water and other non perishables...What will the organic crazed people in California do in a disaster? People stock up on stuff that you can eat just in case. I better go buy some spam....
  •  By the way, I made an appointment to see an acupuncturist on saturday. At first I thought i was going to puke, i did have a minor panic attack thinking about it, but i'm done with the pain dammit. Funny thing is, I think i'm a little cured....err...uhm....sorta....maybe i don't have to go....right? hehe...i'm going...i'm going....
  • i think i'm gonna start doing yoga at home. Step 1, buy cool video. Step 2, learn it and do it outside, because i don't have any room in my livingroom. I do have room in my kitchen, but I think doing yoga outside is much more freeing. Step 3. where is that damn yoga mat. Here's a cool site to learn the basics and maybe we can all learn together.
  • Alright cooking bug where are you??? Well tonight i'm making a beef stew.  Maybe that'll kick my culinary bootay. I did get a new Sunset magazine AND Bon Appetit magazines....:)
OK that's it for today..hope you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have no idea what to name this post. :)

I slept beautifully last night. How does one sleep beautifully? Well, a massage before bed to loosen up my insanely tight muscles helped a lot and also making up with my hon. We're still on the same page as before, which made me realize that yesterday was a tough day on both of us, but we both want to become better partners. Isn't that the real goal of all of this? I realize for myself I have little things that need to change when we argue. I won't bore you with the details...err..i mean my faults. so let's move on now that things are better in Jacky land.
  • I need to do something about this muscle stiffness, aches, pains etc...I am pretty sure a person shouldn't be experiencing this much pain. I am able to work, cook, clean-not too much, and do other stuff, but should i really feel burning sensations in my joints and shoulders? I feel like i'm 90 years old sometimes. So i am willing to try some new things....such as: Massage-as in a professional spending an hour on my muscles. I've never done it. I think it's time. Also I may try something that I've been so scared to do: Acupuncture
All i can pray for is that it works and i can be calm enough to NOT have a panic attack. Seriously this picture is making me want to puke.
  • Giants game this evening! I know, I know I said I didn't think I was going, but that was my sad self speaking. Today is a new day. Yay. And hopefully there aren't any idiots in the crowd starting fights and causing assholery-I made up this word, hope you like it, think tomfoolery with assholes. The violence in the recent football games between the Oakland Raiders and SF 49ers has spooked me out a bit, we also can't forget what happened in So Cal either. According to the news these pre games will no longer take place due to the violence-good going fans, look what you did. Here's an article about what happened. 
  • Anyone else watch Eat Pray Love and want to take a year off and spend time in Italy, India and Bali???? I do...I think Gerry and I would have a blast. Watching Julia Roberts eat her pizza or spaghetti and having a religious experience doing so makes me envious. I want to go to Italy. I definitely want to go to Bali. We need our damn passports....
  • This weekend Gerry's moving truck was vandalized. Ugly pink and purple graffiti that didn't make any sense whatsoever. They tried to draw an octopus on the truck and I hope they hung their heads in shame when they looked at the final product, because it's a slap in the face to any artist. Don't even get me started on the "piece" they attempted above the cab....I hope their fingertips are permanently dyed pink and purple. Our truck wasn't the only vehicle vandalized Saturday night, along with some signs for neighboring businesses and electrical boxes, so were the vehicles at the community center. This is a constant problem in this area and unfortunately it doesn't seem like our town is really giving it any real attention-unless it's gang related-and I don't think it is, unless there's a new gang out there with pink and purple colors calling themselves the Octopuses and signing "One love" to everything....The PD didn't even come to take a look, filing online was our only choice. I feel so bad because Gerry has to clean it all up. Too bad this town is beginning to resemble some seedier parts of the Bay Area. .
 this looks comfortable. oh oh look at this one..
hmm, maybe that's what my neck hurts all the time? Maybe I'm sleeping like a baby giraffe. I was also thinking since my jaw was hurting as well, maybe i was sleeping like this 

bleh, for some reason looking at google images was starting to scare me a little...there's something about that little girl......

well I'll leave you wish some videos. the theme is Shout. lol. Enjoy and have a great day!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank God it's Monday?

Did I just say that? I thought I vowed NOT to say something so heinous. But after last night, I'm glad to be at work where I can attempt to get my mind off of my home life. Of course more than anything I would rather be with my dog. My dog doesn't leave for the entire day giving me the impression she's going somewhere with a friend and then comes home at 8ish acting like I should be so happy she's home. If my dog had thumbs she'd probably tackle someone just to steal their phone and call me to let me know she would be out of the area chasing squirrels in the forest by herself but not to worry, she'd be home later. (if she had thumbs and could talk I'd get her a nice phone-but not an Iphone that's for sure) Yeah, my dog would definitely be a better human.
  • Last week was an awesome week. We started therapy, we left uplifted and things were amazing...for a week. Note to others and myself: Not every week will end in such wonder and love and hope. Sometimes sessions end in tears and maybe some guilt. It will leave you a bit vulnerable and empty. And even when you feel that you're ok to go on with the day and take things step by step, the other person will somehow find a way to make that day the awful. So note to self and others: If you have a bad session- GO YOUR SEPARATE WAYS FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. Maybe not the best advice to give, but since that will most likely happen a lot in the future why not just admit the obvious and say it's OK. Also remember to get some money from the guy who will disappear for the rest of the day so YOU can have a great day without him on his dime. DAMN I didn't do that.
  • People are probably reading this and saying to themselves "this girl is pissed!" and i want to applaud you all for recognizing that. FYI, I don't want to talk about this with anyone. Just here. It makes me feel better. ok?
  • WTF is a Brony? My little Brony? I still don't get it. and no the pictures aren't as funny as the cheezburger LOL cats. It makes absolutely no sense. stupid. 
  • I feel like this: (The following is Art by Sas Christian)
I can go on and on. I love this art.
  • Tomorrow we're going to a Giants game. Sort of changing my mind about wanting to go. Just don't feel like a game this week. I know, I like to wallow in my misery, it's part of what I do. Also, if I go, I'll probably NOT want to be around you know who. So what's the point? I'll probably go anyway because i like to be angry at public places too. This is gonna be a great week, people...gotta tell you that. Anyone have advice? bleh.
  • Trying to think of something good......OH well the garden was done and the flirtpole was made. I need to take the flirtpole to a bigger area, but nonetheless my dog is enjoying it and really controlling herself around the flirtpole. Makes you happy in a way to see such control. 
  • We bought a bee trap and a fly trap. I am convinced that Flies are dumb and think with their "noses" because we had many buzzing flies in the trap. Yellow Jackets and Wasps on the other hand are going to drive me insane. I want them dead. Sorry, I know there is some bee issue out there, but if you want them come and get them from my house. They land on the trap, walk around on it but don't go inside. The main purpose is for them to DIE or hey, stop coming around because you're not wanted. argh. I will find a way. I will...look what i found. How to get rid of things sounds like my most favorite place EVER! Ok. now that I can actually do. I will make this trap and tell you what happens. These bugs need to leave. 
So this ray of sunshine needs to get her butt in gear. Hopefully your monday is better than mine and know...just remember other people got crappier lives than you do...or even like mine is at this point in time. So chin up and onward. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Viernes, Penktadienis ,Fredag, Perjantai, Freitag, Venerdì....

and the list goes on. You just officially learned how to say Friday in spanish, lithuanian, danish, finnish, german and italian. Aren't you a smarty pants on this wonderful day?
  • Hypochondriac alert. That would be me. I get some strange pains, well for me it's strange and then I find out it's normal just to knock me back with the rest of the world. I guess I should be happy that I am healthy. But WHAT IS WITH POPPED BLOOD VESSELS IN MY HANDS???? It's always right by the joint or by the palm of my hand by my thumb and pointer finger. Every site I go to freaks me out even more. One says their blood clots and bumping them hurts them? Another site just have about 50 people calling it a phenomena. I hate phenomena's of the body. With all the technology we have we can't answer this simple question? Well I'm hoping my doc emails me back with a good answer, dammit. Sometimes Google doesn't help. schnarf. 
  • Check out the Pet Selector which i found through our local vet Redwood Pet Clinic. I actually did get Bella's breed along with every dog on the dangerous breed list-Akita, chow chow, etc. I guess I don't mind the challenge. 
  • I need a passport. Gerry needs a passport. I need one soon but i'm not sure how soon and there are many different levels in getting one. Usually the normal time period is 4-6 weeks. i may have to expedite it and i'm not sure about the cost. I see a lot of forms i need to fill out. here's the info  to obtain a US passport, forms and everything...Better get these babies all printed out...Holy crap. it costs 135 to get a friggin passport. ARGH!
  • I need a massage. I desperately need a massage. hmmmm, maybe we'll go hot tubbin tonight....hmmmm.......oh and milk and cookies. hehe...Where is my baking bug by the way???? It just went POOF one day. I really need to make some sort of pie, because...well...because....PIES ARE DELICIOUS....maybe some....

 I now hope to make some pie this weekend. I want
  • This weekend we're cleaning the garden. AND i will also be making a flirt pole for Bella. 
Like this. it offers exercise, play and discipline for a dog. Like making him sit, then it's play time. Then it's drop it and sit again. then play. This also helps with the jumping stuff, but Bella shouldn't jump too much because of her knees, i will be treating it like a broom in a way, just getting the floor. Should be fun and I look forward to playing with her this weekend.
  • I'm thinking i need to join the cake pop fusion people...I'm not as talented as the following cake pop creators, but maybe i can have fun with it....right?

 I'm thinking I have to attempt this with Gerry and some friends. It would be a blast. So how do you make a cake pop?the kitchn has a great explanation. Sounds easy enough. I will share pictures when I've made some!

well my little doves, i must go...It was fun.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yes my own personal hair dilemma is driving me batty. I am thinking blonde, but the maintenance drives me batty. Maybe go lighter? darker always looks good and it's almost that time of year...Yes I know you all want to know what i'm thinking and my hair issues. I definitely need to get my bangs professionally done, because they're driving me nuts too, so much so that my bag of trailmix is almost gone. sniffles.
  • Yesterday I mentioned the gunman in my area. Well they're still there, they're still negotiating. bla bla bla.. lucky for the rest of the bay area traffic is back to normal. Gunman still in Hotel. Did dude sleep? Has eaten anything? I mean what exactly are they negotiating? Free hotel stay? I hope there's news about this soon. 
  • My friends and I were eating dinner when the topic of The Wonder Years (including the link just in case you're 11 and too young to remember such a show) came up. Where is Winnie Cooper? One person said porn and the other said she was now some type of producer and had gone to a prestigious school. Enquiring minds want to let's see what we got. ok she's a mathematician. ICK. Oh and her name is Danica McKellar. She's a voice actress. She actually did pose in lingerie for Stuff magazine. She has her own blog here. She writes Math books. she sounds pretty down to earth, talks about baby stuff on her blog, rumors about her weight....etc. 
I'll have to admit she's a cutie pie now. I wasn't really a fan of hers on the Wonder Years. 
  •'s coming. i know, it's only 4 months away, but even that almost brought me to a panic state. Buying presents, mailing presents, sending cards, trying to get people together and the like. it's crazy. But it sounds like this Christmas may be quieter. Who knows!  It's 4 months away and anything can happen. Still save money, start shopping now. LOL.
  • I like Adidas. Ideeli is selling some old school lookin Adidas, but they're mens sizes. Wanna know the trick? if you already know the answer skip this line. Minus 2 sizes to get a mens size. I'm a 9 and I would buy a mens 7. Consequently they don't have a 7 so I am shit out of luck. I guess the shoppingverse wants me to save some money, which is probably a good idea. 
  • I just got a deal on my auto insurance and I am saying goodbye to Progressive. BUH BYE. I will miss you Flo. Yesterday I received an email for renters insurance, not knowing that Gerry already has renters insurance ofcourse, so I checked it out. Well i fill out the part about type of Dog and quickly am denied based on dog breed. So I'm leaving. 6 years and you never even gave me a great rate. Luckily I'll be saving 40 dollars a month with Allstate. Homeowners with dogs on the dangerous breed list what insurance do you have? I see that Allstate does it by a state by state coverage BUT you have to talk to the agent about it. THEY get it though, all dogs are different. Read their page . Also looks like there is another insurance Some options and ofcourse always something to be aware of. Especially since I want to buy a house next year or possible the beginning of 2013.
 Bye bye Flo. 
  • ACK last night we watched MOBBED. (read this like oh my golly i have to tell you this now before I forget, because I will totally get the point). I don't know what channel this show is on, but it's about creating mobs of people for a surprise and adding dance stuff like flashmobs. Well it was a dude proposing AND marrying the girl on the spot. Gerry and I both were tearing up...seriously, both of us. tears and tears and tears. gerry had two, I had like about a glass full. I will have to watch the show again, only downfall Howie Mandel? eh, maybe not so much of a downfall, just odd to see him in anything...Now i can't seem to place what he did to get him famous to begin with.....
  • I want to share with you BADRAP's blog concerning the death in Pacifica. Their reflections here. I don't think i have much more to say about this now. This blog was well written and I agree with it 100%.
  • Another piece of sad news. September 11th is less than a month away. This year it's on a Sunday. good day to grieve. I will never forget. 
What should I end with??? OOOOH!

 have a great, fabulous, jubilant afternoon and evening! See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I apologize for my tardiness...

but I had work to do. But here I am, let's start the fun.
  • There is an gunman across the freeway from my work whom possibly took his girlfriend hostage. Thanks to him traffic is a mess. Hopefully no one gets hurt. The first thing i said as I exited the building was "ooh helicopters"
  • I love the local organization BADRAP-but you guys already know that. This link takes you to their how to videos. Looking forward to learning more stuff! 
  • I love livingsocial. It definitely helps Gerr and I go out more often and experience restaurants we've never been to before. Well today's looks amazing-I'm tricking him though. Today's deal is dinner and a movie. Dinner at Zingari in SF which is also a jazz club! woot woot. I will definitely be having the ossobucco with wild mushroom risotto for 28 bucks. The coupon is for 40 dollars off the meal-we'll definitely need some cash, but hey who cares! Then we get to go see "One Day" with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. that's the tricky part. It's a romantic movie, hehehe. I have wanted to see it since I saw the preview. OOh here's the preview.

  •  ok all of that talk has reminded me: I FEEL CHUBBY!!!! which means time to exercise more. Which also means, be nice to your body as you exercise. I miss running. makes me pout just to say that. so here's the program. I need to go back to my schedule. 3-4 hikes a week and wall squats.

 these work. my butt, thighs, calves and core were very happy. Also push ups because my arms are telling me I'm a wimp. True story the other day they did a jiggle, i was very upset. Slowly but surely I'll get back to my regimen. Just gotta be nice to my body, since my back is a bitch. 
  • So what's for dinner???? Well let me tell ya...Shit on a shingle, but it's not really a shingle tonight it's more like homemade mashed potatoes. How do you make shit on a shingle? ok here goes.
in my way i will explain-
brown ground beef, onion, mushrooms (optional), garlic (one-two cloves) in an oiled skillet with EVOO
when nice and brown clear some space in the middle and put in two-three tablespoons of flour
mix the flour and the beef and cook for a while, brown the beef a bit more. Your aim is to cook the flour and immerse the flavors together. i'd say wait about 3-5 minutes on a medium flame. 
Add about a cup of milk at first until you get your desired amount-should look like a gravy. 
Add salt and pepper while it's cooking. 
IT will thicken as you cook, taste as you go. 
should taste good. like gravy ground beef. I know the original way to do it is with chipped beef or dried beef, but this way is way better. PLUS it gives you a handle on how to make country gravy people...mmmmmm....just replace beef, onions and mushrooms with SAUSAGE!
  • ack...why i do read these things??? robyn-gardner-missing the story goes on and on...reminds me of some episode of CSI or something. This world is crazy. 
  • What is with all the crazies??? What makes people think they can take a life???? I just don't quite understand. I don't want to understand. 
So with that I leave you. You probably need something a little happier to end with so here...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

and a very Good Morning to you....

Yes i am sleepy-that never changes, does it???? But i am in a good mood! why? I dunno. Just in a good mood. I had a great night.
  • Last night we went and saw the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I had several "I don't like this movie" moments while tears fell from my eyes and I'm trying to hide my face, because the violence towards animals was intense, but that's what made it authentic. And if it can do that to me, it will to a lot of people and creating emotions is a movie's purpose-not just a plot and some actors. Good movie, must see and be prepared emotionally.
  •  Sometimes I actually learn something from the Eat this, Not that website, sometimes their top ten lists are blatantly obvious that I often wonder why i subscribe to their newsletter, but today's list actually makes sense. Check out their Worst Supermarket Ripoffs. They list organic onions and avocados as a rip off because most vegetables that you have to peel aren't as susceptible to contamination, such as lettuce. Actually not a bad list, go check out their
  • I'm officially addicted to this trail mix. Once this humongo bag is done, we're heading to Costco. I will need more of this crack. 
  • If I didn't tell you there were some cute dresses by Shelli Segal on Hautelook, what kind of friend would I be? they're cute, prices are good too. enjoy. 
  • I will be reminding myself to scoop up each and every opportunity Gerr gives me to do something special. Last night was funny, he had one plan and then decided that he wanted to go to a movie with me, that is if I was up to it. But I knew what his other plan was which I felt if he needed to go that he should...see where I'm going here....well, the fact that he said he wanted to go to a movie with me was and will be good enough. BIG Sign saying "I want to have a date night with you." hehe..smiles. 
  • Why do some old Depeche Mode songs sound like they were played with Casio keyboards-cheesey beats down to fake piano and organ sounds???? Love them, but some songs I ask the new wave gods, "why?" I've received no answer by the way.
  • Ideeli must be having problems, haven't been able to log 
  • Y'all will have to wait for my whole dog post soon...I'm still a bit pissed off. 
  • oooh we may go camping in a few weeks...sort of excited about that! it's not our site or anything, but it's nice to maybe going with some normal people. hehe.
  • Did I tell ya? Did I tell ya??? We may be going to Disneyland in October...I want to go! i want to go. And lookie what I see on sunset magazine online tips for surviving disneyland. If you're like Gerry and I, you can do both parks in one day. Usually that means running from one park to another, planning the day like an excited little kid on too much sugar, using your fastpass until it's get my drift. I am hoping the next trip is pure disneyland hysteria-meaning TWO days of the happiest place on Earth! That's what I want! Ofcourse, I always get sad about leaving Bella behind. they do have a doggy kennel, which may ofcourse help us out here....thank god for yelp reviews. Maybe on the next trip we should just try it. Dope her up a

Alright peeps. I've gotta run. Have a great day! Enjoy life and be thankful for everything you've got. Hugs and smooches.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Connect the la la la...

Maybe I shouldn't write my blog in the morning, i always say the same thing...i'm sleepy, i'm tired...whaa whaa whaa. Like anyone cares that this morning I'm super really makes no difference, it's the morning, i woke up two hours ago and I'd rather be sleeping even though I'm at work, sitting up right, staring at this white screen watching my words echo from my brain into my fingerprints and BLAZOWEY there you are right in front of me. Really it's amazing...oooooooh.
  • Not sure what to talk about today. I can tell you hautelook has philosophy products, ideeli is selling roller skates for adults and kids. (almost bought a pair, but i had to step back and remember those could be the death of my back).
  • I will tell you that I am eating trail mix right now. and it's good. When we went to Costco Gerry picked out a bag which at first i was like bleh, I mean come chocolate, no m&m's????? But i gotta tell you it's good. i like it. he's allowed to pick out the trail mix in the future...those little yogurt chip things...mmmm, delightful. one of the peanuts though-the big ones taste like farm and circus and that possible? I actually see elephants....i think i need a nap...
  • i had a dream i was eating Cookie Crisp cereal. I used to love that cereal. mmmm...i usually don't dream about cereal, just in case you were wondering. I think i was pretty fond of eating it when i was a kid, so I can only imagine that last nights dreams were brought to us by Jacky's Past in the corner of her brain-the little things she liked, such as....
  • I love the pawn stars guys, but their commercials for energy drinks and subway are stupid silly. I thought they were doing well financially, why would they have to do such low budget commercials??? They're terrible....sigh.
  • just a warning to annoying people. Please don't work at my place of employment. You annoy me. AND take a friggin shower. Please. 
  • What's for dinner??? Well I think I may do some BBQing, i have some meats defrosting. I think I may save the leftover chicken stuffs for lunch stuffs alllll week. yummy. 
  • wow i'm completely boring today. I didn't want to touch on last weeks topic of the poor pregnant woman, because to tell you the truth, i'm still pissed off about the media coverage. I am compiling a post for that another day...when I have time. And it's not a post about the incident, but about dog stuff. I do want to add that they mention the dog was 125 lbs. here is the link that you can check and see what the size of a pitbull or staffordshire or a bulldog or cattledog or anything you can want to know about the type of dog. I do want to say about the writers of the article-they didn't do their homework.
  • huh..after looking at that site, i'm thinking Bella is am American Bulldog...weird. Bella looks like one of the puppies they have on the side.
  • ok, still have not much to write about. My hon is home. I wish i was home. bleh. 
I'll be back tomorrow with hopefully more interesting things to write about. :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Waking up is hard to do...

Especially when you wake up fresh out of a terrible nightmare where you world has been shattered and you remember names and faces and pain. I remember crying in my dream and I desperately feel the need to cry, but wouldn't that be silly? I mean, it was a dream. It didn't really happen. It was a dream, yet I feel terrible. So I guess the only thing left to do is try to find happy things to share with you guys.....
  • i know this is pretty random...but sometimes donkeys are cute and they make you laugh. When translating a baby or little donkey in spanish, they're called Burritos, but ofcourse they're not the edible kind. :)
look at the baby Donkey costume (shrek)

  •  ok...that was fun, lifted my mood a bit. what's next...What the heck is with Garnier commercials? Shampooing your hair is NOT that exciting and I've used their products it's aight (pronounce aaaIIIt-i think). It doesn't make me want to run into fields and get all crazy and jumping on my friends. Those commercials are starting to irritate me, I'm wondering if the new Garnier product has some kind of liquid prozac...I should try it....
  • We got our beautiful new couch that is amazingly comfortable and big and i'm excited. I dread doing anything this weekend because now I just want to lay on the couch.
  • OK Just read a terrible story about a Pacifica woman being "mauled" by a pitbull. Something doesn't add up here. A man comes home, his pregnant wife is on the ground, 2 pits in the house, one he thinks one has attacked his wife. Why didn't the other one join in? usually it's a pack thing.....they are dogs...Do NOT get me started with the Ignorant comments on the SF Gate page, Pregnant woman mauled. People who know nothing about dog behavior or dogs should not be allowed to say a word. Their comments pretty much should be "i feel sorry for the family" But really am I the only one who thinks this is weird???? It will be very easy to target the pitbull breed to make laws against them. Now I'm wondering if I should have reported the incident with Bella-she was attacked, it was my fault but who cares right? Then maybe there will be a Golden Retriever BAN. Roll eyes here. PEOPLE ARE STUPID and by nature prejudiced. This is a sad world to live in. 
  • ok, now i definitely need something to make me happy again. Wow. I need to have a little hope in humanity i guess. this is a good site didn't exactly do the trick...i'm still pissed. But it is a good site and does remind you that there are some people out there thoughtful and caring. 
  • ahhh....sites like this always remind me that there are people out there who are willing to educate other people regarding temperament of ANY dog. Please check out pit bull central-i linked you to their temperament page. And here's another one blessthebullys, just a blog and a good one. People like this make me happy. i feel better. oooh one i feel giggly again.
  • So a friend tried to explain what was happening in London and I still don't get it. A guy gets shot and the whole country goes crazy? i just don't understand. BUT maybe i can find an actual piece of news that makes sense.
  • Eat this, not that sent me 5 burgers that fight fat, i was and still am a bit skeptical especially since yes the burgers look good, but I wouldn't eat anyone of them. Someone else may, so that's why I linked it here. Burger alternatives are good for many people, I like meat so i'm sticking to that.
  • So i still have to buy stuff for the bridal shower that I don't want to go to. I feel so bad, but I really don't want to go. it has nothing to do with her, just my feelings, that's all. I've given myself an hour limit. If you feel uncomfortable doing things like this, atleast try to go, but set a time limit so that you can atleast say you did it. :)
  • Ooh Mommies! Ideeli has babychef by kidsline with awesome sale prices. a double duty warmer for 22 bucks, baby food center for 74, freshness reminders, digital thermometers...Check it out. Amazon sells the baby food center for 99. Ideeli costs 9.95 to ship and that's the price for shipping for anything and everything. 
  • i don't know what these are...BUT it's super cute....Hautelook has them and other toys, scooters and bikes. 

i'm gonna leave you with an 80's song. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

One step closer....

one minute closer, one hour closer, one day closer to FRIDAY! I want friday now. I like weekends. Who doesn't?? Who says "i can't wait to go to work on Monday?" or "Man, Wednesdays are the BOMB!" yeah, i didn't think so. Let's get on with the show.
  • On August 10th a strong pitbull advocate and educator died from cancer. Catherine Hedges was amazing in her non profit work. We were "facebook" friends, but whenever i commented on something she commented back. I thought it was pretty awesome. I teared up hearing the news this morning. She was incredible. Check out don' She'll truly be missed. Instead of fighting for the rights of the breed she's probably running through meadows with them in heaven. R.I.P.
  • We may get our couch today!!! Crossing my fingers and toes and twisting my hair into little knots, because I really really want a livingroom I can be comfortable in dammit. It's amazing how I do not want to be in there. I thought the TV could keep me in there, but no it's the seating. Who knew? I thought I would be fine laying on the floor, but I guess there's this sense of cozy closeness you get with the animals and your partner that you can only have on a couch. 
  • What do you do when you see a crazy person? Yesterday Bella and I were walking and this man did a little butt boogie, threw his hands in the air and wiggled them about and then proceeded to walk only to do this a couple of times and stumble while he walked. He may have been drunk, but these days you never can tell.....Just like people with bluetooths. You still look coocoo. I am pretty sure you're really talking loudly to yourself. 
hahahahahaha. Love it. 
  • I love yard sales. It's sad to think that summer is almost over and with the season ending so do yard sales. We'll be having one in September hopefully to clear up more space in storage areas. This weekend on our way home we went to a garage sale. The hope was that we would find some fishing supplies for super cheap. We had missed out on the bulk of the sale but caught the very end. I found a working $2 paper shredder. I made Gerr buy it and we got it to fit in our already stuffed vehicle. I remember a couple of years ago, Gerry and I stumbled onto a garage sale in our area and they had some pretty awesome stuff. I found a book which will be a "bathroom book" for the rest of our lives because everyone needs to peak at it. It's called "How to Iron your own damn shirt". This is a must for men. Ladies, you won't find this book at every garage sale so go over to and put this in his stocking for Christmas. I think i need to tape this to Gerrs face at night, maybe he'll absorb some of the material. HAHAHAHA.I do love that man, just in case you doubt me.
  •  Hair. schnarf. oh hair you grow fast, but with it you bring these white strands that just remind me that I'm getting older and that i need to make believe i'm younger by hiding your white, evil, annoying, mean, sad....where was I going with this.....oh yeah...why do we get gray hair? wikipedia says:
The change in hair color is caused by the gradual decrease of pigmentation that occurs when melanin ceases to be produced in the hair root and new hairs grow in without pigment. Two genes appear to be responsible for the process of graying, Bcl2 and Mitf. The stem cells at the base of hair follicles are responsible for producing melanocytes, the cells that produce and store pigment in hair and skin. The death of the melanocyte stem cells causes the onset of graying.
My hair has been dying for a long time then....i found my first gray at 14 and since then it's been worse. The top of my head looks like i'm about 50, ok maybe I am overreacting, let's say 45. Basically my point is it's time to dye again. I wanted lighter in the summer and since we're approaching (gulp) fall, i guess it's time to go dark. I did like Zooey's color-remember that picture with the bangs and my bangs-by the way apparently 50 people looked at that blog that day-amazing...atleast for me anyway. I think i'll wait a week to make the change. Still stuck on my blonde patch in the front for a while
  •  Jump over to Alloy, sales like these are the reason I have a lot of bathing suits. Catch the END of the season and wind up saving 75-80% on bathing suits. I ordered the pink one. :)
Time to scat peeps. Got some work to do, but there may be a bonus blog later today, especially if we get our couch!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I want to be cool.

I want to do cool things and feel like I didn't waste the good years which I pretty much hope are ALL the years I'm alive and as healthy as I can be.  If you think about it, I can still function like a normal healthy adult....somewhat....With all my meds I'll be ready for anything, just point me in the right direction, preferably away from traffic and let's boogie.
  • Want an easy way to find out what's going on in your area? Check out your local craigslist and go to events. You'll find things you didn't know were happening in your area and hey, it may help get your ass off the couch and feel COOL.
  • I want to be in a flash mob. Especially before authorities decide it's disruptive and evil and who knows what else. I love to dance too. So how do you join a flash mob you may ask????? WELL, let's just say Google should be your best friend for EVERYTHING. so yeah, google it, you'll be happy to know there are many flash mobs in the US. For SF, check out Bay Area Flash Mob. Really what could be better than dancing in the streets, impromptu after months of practice (lol), this could be your real life musical...AHHHH, I can't wait for the next one!

  • while i was torturing myself and trying to find more local flash mob sites I stumbled onto San Francisco Zombie Mob-I need to see this in action....Unfortunately the site is no longer active. Which sucks, but i think you can find pics and stuff. I had no idea this crap happened around here...How cool and random would that be to see?
  • hmmph. Our local livingsocial deal was offering a friggin Scavenger hunt. I think that sounds like the funnest thing ever! Unfortunately we're all broke. I hate wanting to be cool but having no money. 
  • ok...i think this is cool and well I just really like it...WHO's with me???? I love Waldo!! yup i mean where's waldo...that funny lookin fella with the hat and a stripey he is...
 ok, yeah that was easy, but did you know there was a website??? and you can play ONLINE???? if you have kids send them to play it and if you don't have kids YOU go and play!!! It's fun. trust me. and yes they have an app for that....
  • How to cure cramps???Well unfortunately i clicked on this link and I officially want to smack the people on it. I have a feeling a bunch of hippie women or men wrote the damn page and think that they somehow found the end all list of how to cure cramps. They list to stop eating chicken and switch to organically raised chicken. SMACK. chicken ain't causing my cramps people. They list a bunch of homeopathic stuffs that I don't care to try. Why? I've never taken bark in my life and in no way will i for my friggin cramps. i just can't read that crap anymore. bleh. i'll go home and take half a vic and trust me my friggin cramps will disappear and happy Jacky will come back to earth. 
Alrighty peeps, i've been working on this blog for awhile today, time to let you guys enjoy the fun!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mosquito bites itch....

A total of 6 mosquito bites. it's just not fun. I wish I could scratch till my hearts content and the bites no longer itch.
  • Ok after telling my camping story to some friends, I have to retract the quinoa pronunciation and admit that THEY were right AND so am I. dictionary-quinoa
  • FYI, a bunch of juicy cooter...i mean couture stuff on hautelook. 
  • I want my couch...i can't find a picture of it. But our livingroom is rather uncomfortable. i hope my couch pipe dream comes true this weekend. 
  • We have a dog at work. She's pretty adorable. When she runs around she sounds like she's skipping. She's a corgi. This picture is not her...but you get the point. Admit it. Looking at a picture of a puppy just makes you happy.

  •  Bridal shower on Saturday. I have NEVER been to one. Each website i've turned to aid in my gift dilemma has steered me in so many directions that finally I just decided I'll give her a basket of stuff that she likes. Shrug. I have the slightest clue. There are actually registries for this stuff....I guess it makes it easier. Now I have to go shopping after work on Friday and aquire the following goodies: a basket (duh), 2 cooking magazines, nail polish, frame (printing out a pic of the happy couple and putting it in the frame), stuff for scrapbooking her wedding day...and who the hell knows what else. It all has meaning to both of us and for them, so I figure it works.
  • Have Cramps ever killed anyone??? I'll take that as a no, since Google didn't really give me an answer. What did turn up were "the old man and the sea" and people complaining about the Depo shot. I guess I feel better...need to invest in midol asap. 
  • Open your ears, expand your musical are the Gipsy Kings
  • oooh oooh...exciting (boring) news on the homefront. I officially love my new rice cooker. The rice came out perfect and just in time to self clean our oven. Thank the lawd for BBQ's, rice cookers and microwaves. 
  • You know what's become a lost art? Dancing. Sure nowadays you go to da club and you shake your ass and all sorts of bumpin and that dancing is cool, heck sometimes you need that kind of dancing, but we lost the art of dancing with a partner. Think pre 1960's, think Swing, think Tango, think Waltz...think anything that isn't what it is today...

 sometimes I see older couples dance together and they just know the steps. As if whatever they learned in their youth was now forever ingrained in their genes and they just dance together like a perfectly fit pair. How are we going to dance when we're 70 with our partners? Bumping and grinding to "OPP" or "Poker face"....I think we need a new fad to come in and that's real dancing.  I think it would be neat to let Gerry lead once in a while (LOL, there's no leading in today's dancing). Hoping we can learn some swing, the foxtrot, something that we'll know until we're 80.
Ok must be on my way. Everyone have a wonderful day!