Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I want to be cool.

I want to do cool things and feel like I didn't waste the good years which I pretty much hope are ALL the years I'm alive and as healthy as I can be.  If you think about it, I can still function like a normal healthy adult....somewhat....With all my meds I'll be ready for anything, just point me in the right direction, preferably away from traffic and let's boogie.
  • Want an easy way to find out what's going on in your area? Check out your local craigslist and go to events. You'll find things you didn't know were happening in your area and hey, it may help get your ass off the couch and feel COOL.
  • I want to be in a flash mob. Especially before authorities decide it's disruptive and evil and who knows what else. I love to dance too. So how do you join a flash mob you may ask????? WELL, let's just say Google should be your best friend for EVERYTHING. so yeah, google it, you'll be happy to know there are many flash mobs in the US. For SF, check out Bay Area Flash Mob. Really what could be better than dancing in the streets, impromptu after months of practice (lol), this could be your real life musical...AHHHH, I can't wait for the next one!

  • while i was torturing myself and trying to find more local flash mob sites I stumbled onto San Francisco Zombie Mob-I need to see this in action....Unfortunately the site is no longer active. Which sucks, but i think you can find pics and stuff. I had no idea this crap happened around here...How cool and random would that be to see?
  • hmmph. Our local livingsocial deal was offering a friggin Scavenger hunt. I think that sounds like the funnest thing ever! Unfortunately we're all broke. I hate wanting to be cool but having no money. 
  • ok...i think this is cool and well I just really like it...WHO's with me???? I love Waldo!! yup i mean where's waldo...that funny lookin fella with the hat and a stripey he is...
 ok, yeah that was easy, but did you know there was a website??? and you can play ONLINE???? if you have kids send them to play it and if you don't have kids YOU go and play!!! It's fun. trust me. and yes they have an app for that....
  • How to cure cramps???Well unfortunately i clicked on this link and I officially want to smack the people on it. I have a feeling a bunch of hippie women or men wrote the damn page and think that they somehow found the end all list of how to cure cramps. They list to stop eating chicken and switch to organically raised chicken. SMACK. chicken ain't causing my cramps people. They list a bunch of homeopathic stuffs that I don't care to try. Why? I've never taken bark in my life and in no way will i for my friggin cramps. i just can't read that crap anymore. bleh. i'll go home and take half a vic and trust me my friggin cramps will disappear and happy Jacky will come back to earth. 
Alrighty peeps, i've been working on this blog for awhile today, time to let you guys enjoy the fun!

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