Thursday, August 4, 2011

This is not the end, this is not the beginning....

This song was the first on shuffle this morning. I found it appropriate for today. Tonight is Gerr's mothers' mass. I quickly felt the sadness and shaky feeling that the pain and sadness never truly disappears.  I will be strong for him, just as I promised.
  • Doggy link for the day, thanks to a coworker it's always a good reminder to check the "do not feed your dog list" Here's an article by SF gate.
  • on that same page was a link to the passing of SB 917 which increases incarceration time for animal abuse and neglect AND prohibits sales of animals in parking lots (?). The main purpose is no more backyard breeding. There are heavy fines of up to 20k and I can only hope that police and necessary authorities really push this law, because California could make a lot of money off of the a-holes on CL that over breed their pets. 
  • I saw my chiropractor yesterday and i feel super good!!! Remember after seeing your chiropractor ice your back, neck, butt etc....he adjusted you and released some muscles so those muscles will be sore. Take it easy for the next couple of days. Some people just think it's fine and dandy to go back to normal activity. Take care of your poor back, k? 
  • All of a sudden i need a nap. wish i had my coffeeeeeeeee. 
  • my tummy hurts and I feel sleepy. blurg.
  • Since i'm not very entertaining today I'll leave you with this
 Gerry took this picture years ago. The BEST sunset we have ever seen. 

And I leave you with this.

 We took this picture together. Which meant a lot of adjusting the camera and getting the speed right since it was dark and all. This was taken in the desert. 
I'll try to come back later. Have a great day everyone.


shazz said...

I love this camping picture, you guys look so cute!! The sky is amazing!

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

thank you so much!