Monday, August 8, 2011

Camping should be like....camping.

Grilling up some meat; burgers, hot dogs, freshly caught fish.....ahhh, even though i don't really eat seafood it still reminds me of camping. Roasting some marshmallows, gathered around a fire that's only purpose is to provide heat and light. I believe that camping should be simple.
What I think you should bring camping....
  • A tent
  • a sleeping bag 
  • some pillows (which we forgot) 
  • chairs (which we also couldn't find)
  • toothbrush (which I forgot and who the heck likes stinky breath in the am, but i did buy some toothpaste so that helps)
  • a towel (yup i forgot that too and no it wasn't for showers, but to lay on by the water and/or dry yourself)
  • charcoal-most campsites come equipped with BBQ pits, use them, so bring charcoal and lighter fluid. 
  • a cooler with ice
  • a first aid kit-do not forget the bug spray
  • snacks, water, food, paper plates, plasticware, foil etc. 
  • there are other items you definitely need but i can't think of them right now.....
What you don't need
  • toaster oven
  • rice cooker
  • saute pan
  • propane stove (unless you're camping for days and you tire easily of burgers and stuff)
  • endless amounts of vegetables......? i guess if you're vegetarian, but grilling eggplant takes a long time and if you are going to do so-take the easy route wrap it in foil, salt and pepper...bam bam bam.
Going outdoors is leaving a lot of crap behind. It's going back to the caveman days and using fire to make foooood! It also means, chill out! It's not fine cuisine, it's food to fill you up and give you energy. 
The only item i believe is really important that I realized this weekend is the canopy that protects you from yellow jackets and mosquitoes. I have three bites that I saw this morning...on my face. :(. I want one of those. It also adds protection AND shade for our lovely animals.

(someone just made fish and the whole place stinks...I think i need to throw up now)

I'll share some pics later!
good day everyone!

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