Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When was the last time you listened to Def Leppard?

Just asking. My Ipod decided to play "Armageddon it" I was quickly pulled back to 7th and 8th grade; braces, pegged pants and vests with white T-shirts. Luckily, that ended quickly because I wasn't on a commodore 64. phew. Just to share the memories, here you go....
  • The game was ok. The Giants lost. very sad. We were sitting in the bleachers by the outfield. Really not a bad place to sit. With the recent news of violence at games I studied the crowd around me and realized almost everyone had a beer in their hands. I'm not automatically blaming alcohol, but really sometimes I wonder if the people yelling at #88 (Blanks from the Padres) saying all kinds of obscenities would really do that if they hadn't been all liquored up. One wrong word to some of these people and the torch would be lit. It was sort of embarrassing.  I did find it funny when people exclaimed "Padres Suck" when they won the game...Whatever happened to it's just a game...I get the anger when your favorite team loses a game, it effin sucks, but how does it really affect your life???? There will always be more games or atleast there will always be a next year. 
  • So we had an earthquake this morning? Maybe I'm one of those people who doesn't feel such things...It was at 6:30 am. Read info here

hmm what strange weather we're having....The more I think about it, the more I'm getting a little paranoid.
  • Probably a good idea to go buy some canned items, water and other non perishables...What will the organic crazed people in California do in a disaster? People stock up on stuff that you can eat just in case. I better go buy some spam....
  •  By the way, I made an appointment to see an acupuncturist on saturday. At first I thought i was going to puke, i did have a minor panic attack thinking about it, but i'm done with the pain dammit. Funny thing is, I think i'm a little cured....err...uhm....sorta....maybe i don't have to go....right? hehe...i'm going...i'm going....
  • i think i'm gonna start doing yoga at home. Step 1, buy cool video. Step 2, learn it and do it outside, because i don't have any room in my livingroom. I do have room in my kitchen, but I think doing yoga outside is much more freeing. Step 3. where is that damn yoga mat. Here's a cool site to learn the basics and maybe we can all learn together.
  • Alright cooking bug where are you??? Well tonight i'm making a beef stew.  Maybe that'll kick my culinary bootay. I did get a new Sunset magazine AND Bon Appetit magazines....:)
OK that's it for today..hope you enjoyed it and thanks for stopping by!

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