Friday, August 19, 2011

Viernes, Penktadienis ,Fredag, Perjantai, Freitag, Venerdì....

and the list goes on. You just officially learned how to say Friday in spanish, lithuanian, danish, finnish, german and italian. Aren't you a smarty pants on this wonderful day?
  • Hypochondriac alert. That would be me. I get some strange pains, well for me it's strange and then I find out it's normal just to knock me back with the rest of the world. I guess I should be happy that I am healthy. But WHAT IS WITH POPPED BLOOD VESSELS IN MY HANDS???? It's always right by the joint or by the palm of my hand by my thumb and pointer finger. Every site I go to freaks me out even more. One says their blood clots and bumping them hurts them? Another site just have about 50 people calling it a phenomena. I hate phenomena's of the body. With all the technology we have we can't answer this simple question? Well I'm hoping my doc emails me back with a good answer, dammit. Sometimes Google doesn't help. schnarf. 
  • Check out the Pet Selector which i found through our local vet Redwood Pet Clinic. I actually did get Bella's breed along with every dog on the dangerous breed list-Akita, chow chow, etc. I guess I don't mind the challenge. 
  • I need a passport. Gerry needs a passport. I need one soon but i'm not sure how soon and there are many different levels in getting one. Usually the normal time period is 4-6 weeks. i may have to expedite it and i'm not sure about the cost. I see a lot of forms i need to fill out. here's the info  to obtain a US passport, forms and everything...Better get these babies all printed out...Holy crap. it costs 135 to get a friggin passport. ARGH!
  • I need a massage. I desperately need a massage. hmmmm, maybe we'll go hot tubbin tonight....hmmmm.......oh and milk and cookies. hehe...Where is my baking bug by the way???? It just went POOF one day. I really need to make some sort of pie, because...well...because....PIES ARE DELICIOUS....maybe some....

 I now hope to make some pie this weekend. I want
  • This weekend we're cleaning the garden. AND i will also be making a flirt pole for Bella. 
Like this. it offers exercise, play and discipline for a dog. Like making him sit, then it's play time. Then it's drop it and sit again. then play. This also helps with the jumping stuff, but Bella shouldn't jump too much because of her knees, i will be treating it like a broom in a way, just getting the floor. Should be fun and I look forward to playing with her this weekend.
  • I'm thinking i need to join the cake pop fusion people...I'm not as talented as the following cake pop creators, but maybe i can have fun with it....right?

 I'm thinking I have to attempt this with Gerry and some friends. It would be a blast. So how do you make a cake pop?the kitchn has a great explanation. Sounds easy enough. I will share pictures when I've made some!

well my little doves, i must go...It was fun.

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