Friday, August 26, 2011


It is the day of the FRIDAY!!!!! The dayeth that endeth the workweek! HURRAH!!!!
Tell me the following picture doesn't make you tear up a little bit...

Loyal to the end indeed. To wake up to the cuteness and these types of pictures go to Seriously this just makes me want to cry. If you visit the page, don't watch the video unless you seriously want watery eyes.

  • Speaking of dogs....Here are some great links on some dog training exercises:
On leash aggression-this article is great. I understand the whole process much better now!
  • Can you believe that I didn't purchase anything at the ideeli cuisinart sale? I didn't, but you should. They've got food processors! 

 alright people I'll try to be back later. I'm super focused at work!

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