Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I apologize for my tardiness...

but I had work to do. But here I am, let's start the fun.
  • There is an gunman across the freeway from my work whom possibly took his girlfriend hostage. Thanks to him traffic is a mess. Hopefully no one gets hurt. The first thing i said as I exited the building was "ooh helicopters"
  • I love the local organization BADRAP-but you guys already know that. This link takes you to their how to videos. Looking forward to learning more stuff! 
  • I love livingsocial. It definitely helps Gerr and I go out more often and experience restaurants we've never been to before. Well today's looks amazing-I'm tricking him though. Today's deal is dinner and a movie. Dinner at Zingari in SF which is also a jazz club! woot woot. I will definitely be having the ossobucco with wild mushroom risotto for 28 bucks. The coupon is for 40 dollars off the meal-we'll definitely need some cash, but hey who cares! Then we get to go see "One Day" with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. that's the tricky part. It's a romantic movie, hehehe. I have wanted to see it since I saw the preview. OOh here's the preview.

  •  ok all of that talk has reminded me: I FEEL CHUBBY!!!! which means time to exercise more. Which also means, be nice to your body as you exercise. I miss running. makes me pout just to say that. so here's the program. I need to go back to my schedule. 3-4 hikes a week and wall squats.

 these work. my butt, thighs, calves and core were very happy. Also push ups because my arms are telling me I'm a wimp. True story the other day they did a jiggle, i was very upset. Slowly but surely I'll get back to my regimen. Just gotta be nice to my body, since my back is a bitch. 
  • So what's for dinner???? Well let me tell ya...Shit on a shingle, but it's not really a shingle tonight it's more like homemade mashed potatoes. How do you make shit on a shingle? ok here goes.
in my way i will explain-
brown ground beef, onion, mushrooms (optional), garlic (one-two cloves) in an oiled skillet with EVOO
when nice and brown clear some space in the middle and put in two-three tablespoons of flour
mix the flour and the beef and cook for a while, brown the beef a bit more. Your aim is to cook the flour and immerse the flavors together. i'd say wait about 3-5 minutes on a medium flame. 
Add about a cup of milk at first until you get your desired amount-should look like a gravy. 
Add salt and pepper while it's cooking. 
IT will thicken as you cook, taste as you go. 
should taste good. like gravy ground beef. I know the original way to do it is with chipped beef or dried beef, but this way is way better. PLUS it gives you a handle on how to make country gravy people...mmmmmm....just replace beef, onions and mushrooms with SAUSAGE!
  • ack...why i do read these things??? robyn-gardner-missing the story goes on and on...reminds me of some episode of CSI or something. This world is crazy. 
  • What is with all the crazies??? What makes people think they can take a life???? I just don't quite understand. I don't want to understand. 
So with that I leave you. You probably need something a little happier to end with so here...

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