Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stupidity leak...

It's alllll around me AND I am PMSing so really I don't know if people are being stupid or....NO NO NO, people are being stupid and I want to smack them all in the head....
  • Good thing is so far today, I can't blame anything on the partner, the other half, the dude I live let's give him snaps for that. Ofcourse the day ain't over and he's bound to do something male and fuck it all up. :)
  • I will be eating tomato soup for lunch. I am treating myself to something yummy, because it feels like it's gonna be a rough day. 
  •  so, i don't think people are getting my emails, either that or I'm being ignored. Unfortunately you don't answer payroll emails, your requests don't get granted...awww sniff sniff

  •  i need to eye of the people i sent an important email to has been gabbing about trader joes to a coworker. argh. 
  • I have to come up with a creative way to release this energy of which I am totally blaming all the stupid people I have come into contact with today. Gerry said I should write a song about it and have dinocorn sing it....sounds am i up for the challenge?
  • That will take some time. so what do we talk about now.....oh I KNOW...So a friend of ours adopted a dog. A cute pit that's kind of unsure of herself and her surroundings.  She had a little scuffle with Bella and it seems was not comfortable with my girl-Bella had a lot of energy. We could tell before it happened. Luckily nothing bad happened.  Unfortunately the guy who really adopted the dog wasn't there, it was the girl which I can't really describe the relationship they have and legally and out of respect they're not boyfriend/girlfriend. Now the dude he's a nice guy, but I've got to say I don't think this is the type of dog for him. I feel really bad for the dog. Having a pit or any bully breed requires patience, a lot of training, discipline and alot of exercise-for both the dog AND the owner. I'm just not sure this dog will get that. I'm hoping that this pup and Bella in time will become buddies. We had to keep them "apart" just not too close. Both laid down and Bella did an awesome job looking elsewhere. Both dogs were just very unsure of the other. I've learned a lot through Nat and Melinda and also the countless amount of websites about dog behavior. It's truly amazing how much is out there, that really NO new dog owner can claim to NOT know about animal behavior especially if their dog harms another human being. So in result, blame the OWNER NOT THE DOG!
  •  going to get my back cracked after work. I cannot wait. i keep feeling some of my vertebrae more annoyed than the other. which can't be a good thing. 
Thank you, Adam for the picture...Looking at it this way reminds me of Poltergeist two when the dad eats the worm and he pukes it up and it's all big and mean....hmm...i wonder if they saw this picture.

ok leaving you with this final uplifting song, because I think you've had enough of my negative attitude. I may come back with Dinocorn's song about stupid people....

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Anna Gray said...

I think you're right. Stupidity is catching and apparently everyone I know is infected. Le sigh.