Monday, August 29, 2011

I guess Monday's aren't so bad after all.

Yes it is the same old me. I complain every Monday. Monday's are well, Monday's. But this Monday, I'm not going to complain about it being said day. It's just another day. la la la.
  • Acupuncture went wonderfully! I left with a smile on my face. Sure the needles hurt in certain areas but you sorta forgot they were in you when you relaxed. When i started tensing up and thinking of things I had to do, i felt the pressure. I will be re-honing my meditation skills before my next appt, so I can make good use of that time to clear my mind and enjoy the moment. My acupuncturist was incredible. He massaged, did some acupressure AND crackalacka'd me-which means he adjusted me. I do have to admit that I was a little sore afterward, but to be truly honest-MY HIPS DO NOT HURT ANYMORE. And although my muscles on my shoulders are a little stiff, they aren't as bad as they were before. I get to go back a couple of more times and he thinks that should do it. Do I recommend this? YES. I am really happy i did it. I cannot wait to call later on this week to book another appointment.
  • I saw Conan the Barbarian. I actually thought it was pretty good. Lot's of blood and stuff, but not bad. I have to admit i've never seen the original and I'm not a fan of Ahnold, except for his role in Terminator 2. Nope he didn't even win my heart when he was in Kindergarten Cop. 
  • So apparently I have a tire allergy. I have never heard of such a thing, until yesterday. Now I've gotten tires before so I find it hard to believe that I am allergic to tires or rubber or latex or whatever. Yesterday was a warm day and I needed tires ASAP, thanks to some nails, screws and whatever had infected my tire, we woke up to a flat and Gerry wanted to make sure I had a good set of tires before fall and the winter season arrived. We walk into the tire shop and it's pretty warm in there, fans are blowing the warm air all around and the men begin to talk shop about what I need on my car. My palms started getting a little itchy and little white bumps began to form. They became itchy and started to sting. We left my car there and pretty much ran to CVS so I can get some benadryl. Eventually the itchines stopped and the little red bumps that had appeared on my wrists disappeared. All of this came back though when we returned. I still have some lingering bumps on my palms and I noticed I even have some on the top of my foot. so strange. I'll be taking more benadryl when i get home tonight. 
  • Ugh, my boyfriends truck got broken into. I REALLY WISH WE LIVED ELSEWHERE.  I'd rather live away from the downtown area so we don't have to deal with these crimes. For the most part they're petty, but still quite annoying and starting to cost a lot of money. We need a place to put these trucks, they definitely do not belong on the street in this town.
  • hmmm, Derek Jeter is Single it's news. :)

  • After my very expensive weekend, I must once again tighten up the reins on my spending. Really sucks. So i have a couple of weeks of NO spending on frivolous things. I have a wedding in October and then Gerry's birthday-and then another freeze for me, because I will want to shop on Black Friday. Yes i am a dork. I take Black friday off for that main purpose. 
  • So Bella had a great weekend. Played with some dogs and I gotta tell you, I used the scattering dog treats on the ground before she sees another dog and it worked. I'm telling ya, letting your dog know that it's ok and there's nothing to fear about another dog and using food to help you, not a bad idea. Leash aggression is too common. All in all things went wonderfully this weekend. 
  • I am not a twinkie fan. I don't buy twinkies from the store as a snack ever. BUT deep fried twinkies
    are amazing.. 
Well that's it for today. Have a lot of work to do and it's a good day. Good day to all!

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