Thursday, August 18, 2011


Yes my own personal hair dilemma is driving me batty. I am thinking blonde, but the maintenance drives me batty. Maybe go lighter? darker always looks good and it's almost that time of year...Yes I know you all want to know what i'm thinking and my hair issues. I definitely need to get my bangs professionally done, because they're driving me nuts too, so much so that my bag of trailmix is almost gone. sniffles.
  • Yesterday I mentioned the gunman in my area. Well they're still there, they're still negotiating. bla bla bla.. lucky for the rest of the bay area traffic is back to normal. Gunman still in Hotel. Did dude sleep? Has eaten anything? I mean what exactly are they negotiating? Free hotel stay? I hope there's news about this soon. 
  • My friends and I were eating dinner when the topic of The Wonder Years (including the link just in case you're 11 and too young to remember such a show) came up. Where is Winnie Cooper? One person said porn and the other said she was now some type of producer and had gone to a prestigious school. Enquiring minds want to let's see what we got. ok she's a mathematician. ICK. Oh and her name is Danica McKellar. She's a voice actress. She actually did pose in lingerie for Stuff magazine. She has her own blog here. She writes Math books. she sounds pretty down to earth, talks about baby stuff on her blog, rumors about her weight....etc. 
I'll have to admit she's a cutie pie now. I wasn't really a fan of hers on the Wonder Years. 
  •'s coming. i know, it's only 4 months away, but even that almost brought me to a panic state. Buying presents, mailing presents, sending cards, trying to get people together and the like. it's crazy. But it sounds like this Christmas may be quieter. Who knows!  It's 4 months away and anything can happen. Still save money, start shopping now. LOL.
  • I like Adidas. Ideeli is selling some old school lookin Adidas, but they're mens sizes. Wanna know the trick? if you already know the answer skip this line. Minus 2 sizes to get a mens size. I'm a 9 and I would buy a mens 7. Consequently they don't have a 7 so I am shit out of luck. I guess the shoppingverse wants me to save some money, which is probably a good idea. 
  • I just got a deal on my auto insurance and I am saying goodbye to Progressive. BUH BYE. I will miss you Flo. Yesterday I received an email for renters insurance, not knowing that Gerry already has renters insurance ofcourse, so I checked it out. Well i fill out the part about type of Dog and quickly am denied based on dog breed. So I'm leaving. 6 years and you never even gave me a great rate. Luckily I'll be saving 40 dollars a month with Allstate. Homeowners with dogs on the dangerous breed list what insurance do you have? I see that Allstate does it by a state by state coverage BUT you have to talk to the agent about it. THEY get it though, all dogs are different. Read their page . Also looks like there is another insurance Some options and ofcourse always something to be aware of. Especially since I want to buy a house next year or possible the beginning of 2013.
 Bye bye Flo. 
  • ACK last night we watched MOBBED. (read this like oh my golly i have to tell you this now before I forget, because I will totally get the point). I don't know what channel this show is on, but it's about creating mobs of people for a surprise and adding dance stuff like flashmobs. Well it was a dude proposing AND marrying the girl on the spot. Gerry and I both were tearing up...seriously, both of us. tears and tears and tears. gerry had two, I had like about a glass full. I will have to watch the show again, only downfall Howie Mandel? eh, maybe not so much of a downfall, just odd to see him in anything...Now i can't seem to place what he did to get him famous to begin with.....
  • I want to share with you BADRAP's blog concerning the death in Pacifica. Their reflections here. I don't think i have much more to say about this now. This blog was well written and I agree with it 100%.
  • Another piece of sad news. September 11th is less than a month away. This year it's on a Sunday. good day to grieve. I will never forget. 
What should I end with??? OOOOH!

 have a great, fabulous, jubilant afternoon and evening! See you tomorrow.

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