Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have no idea what to name this post. :)

I slept beautifully last night. How does one sleep beautifully? Well, a massage before bed to loosen up my insanely tight muscles helped a lot and also making up with my hon. We're still on the same page as before, which made me realize that yesterday was a tough day on both of us, but we both want to become better partners. Isn't that the real goal of all of this? I realize for myself I have little things that need to change when we argue. I won't bore you with the details...err..i mean my faults. so let's move on now that things are better in Jacky land.
  • I need to do something about this muscle stiffness, aches, pains etc...I am pretty sure a person shouldn't be experiencing this much pain. I am able to work, cook, clean-not too much, and do other stuff, but should i really feel burning sensations in my joints and shoulders? I feel like i'm 90 years old sometimes. So i am willing to try some new things....such as: Massage-as in a professional spending an hour on my muscles. I've never done it. I think it's time. Also I may try something that I've been so scared to do: Acupuncture
All i can pray for is that it works and i can be calm enough to NOT have a panic attack. Seriously this picture is making me want to puke.
  • Giants game this evening! I know, I know I said I didn't think I was going, but that was my sad self speaking. Today is a new day. Yay. And hopefully there aren't any idiots in the crowd starting fights and causing assholery-I made up this word, hope you like it, think tomfoolery with assholes. The violence in the recent football games between the Oakland Raiders and SF 49ers has spooked me out a bit, we also can't forget what happened in So Cal either. According to the news these pre games will no longer take place due to the violence-good going fans, look what you did. Here's an article about what happened. 
  • Anyone else watch Eat Pray Love and want to take a year off and spend time in Italy, India and Bali???? I do...I think Gerry and I would have a blast. Watching Julia Roberts eat her pizza or spaghetti and having a religious experience doing so makes me envious. I want to go to Italy. I definitely want to go to Bali. We need our damn passports....
  • This weekend Gerry's moving truck was vandalized. Ugly pink and purple graffiti that didn't make any sense whatsoever. They tried to draw an octopus on the truck and I hope they hung their heads in shame when they looked at the final product, because it's a slap in the face to any artist. Don't even get me started on the "piece" they attempted above the cab....I hope their fingertips are permanently dyed pink and purple. Our truck wasn't the only vehicle vandalized Saturday night, along with some signs for neighboring businesses and electrical boxes, so were the vehicles at the community center. This is a constant problem in this area and unfortunately it doesn't seem like our town is really giving it any real attention-unless it's gang related-and I don't think it is, unless there's a new gang out there with pink and purple colors calling themselves the Octopuses and signing "One love" to everything....The PD didn't even come to take a look, filing online was our only choice. I feel so bad because Gerry has to clean it all up. Too bad this town is beginning to resemble some seedier parts of the Bay Area. .
 this looks comfortable. oh oh look at this one..
hmm, maybe that's what my neck hurts all the time? Maybe I'm sleeping like a baby giraffe. I was also thinking since my jaw was hurting as well, maybe i was sleeping like this 

bleh, for some reason looking at google images was starting to scare me a little...there's something about that little girl......

well I'll leave you wish some videos. the theme is Shout. lol. Enjoy and have a great day!

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Mamichachi said...

yeah get that passport! and meditation will help a lot.