Wednesday, August 31, 2011

o bla di o bla dah....

sing it with me "life goes onnnnn, on la la la la life goes on". Good song aye?
here you go if you want some more...

So a jolly good morning to you!!!
  • Ergonomics. Just in case you need the definition, wikipedia is there for you, click on the link. So you know how I went to acupuncture and felt great afterward. Well let's just say, my desk is the problem. Lucky for me, we're getting a keyboard tray today so i can reconfigure this whole mess of a desk. I also need a fat pillow for my back because the only thing keeping me up, is me. my seat is too big.  I didn't quite understand how important this was/is until I started feeling pain again 4 hours after working on Monday. I will be making another appt with my acupuncturist for this weekend, I definitely want to feel brand spanking new next week! So pretty much what i'm trying to say is look at your desk, your repetitive tasks, how you hold yourself up, how far the keyboard is from you etc....this shit is real important and trust me no joke. 
  • oh loooky here....
this is actually my picture. :) i made this last night. It's my chicken Pot Pie. Here are my loosey goosey directions:
I started out with one small white onion, sliced and sauteed in hot pan with a bit of olive oil, dice chicken breasts into small cubes and season with garlic salt and pepper, place in hot pan with onions, cook until chicken is no longer bleeding, add frozen mixed vegetables, let the veggies cook in there for a tiny bit and then add a can of potato soup, and about a cup to two cups (depending on how soupy you want it) of chicken broth, in ramekins cut your ready made pie crust in half and gently place it inside covering the sides, gently ladle in the pot pie filling, fold the flaps in, use a fork to press the sides put into a 350 degree oven until the top is light light brown. voila
*tip-next time i'm going to make it soupier, a lot of the liquid cooked while in the oven, so maybe you'll find you need to do that too! 
  • ugh...don't you hate when people make plans for you for the weekend like two days before the weekend is here???? well i guess we'll see what happens...I really want a day off off. I like that one day a weekend where it's like relax relax relax. Sure i like go mode, but i also need to relax dammit. So Monday i want to be home and able to do so. :) it's labor day weekend dammit.
  • if you need to expand your recipe's or weekly menues check out sunset magazine online you may have to sign up, but it's free and there are links to 5-6 other magazines. 
  • So a couple of my friends had a lot of fun going whitewater rafting in Tennessee. I'm almost willing to try it, I mean why not? right??? I can always go with the 5 and under group and just float down the river while my peers go coocoo bumping into rocks and flying off the raft. If you're in California check out
Alright my lovelies, i must boogie. Have a great day and stay safe.


Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

Mmm, those chicken pot pies look delisshhh!!

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

they were!!!!