Thursday, September 1, 2011

Albert Einstein's brain and what the heck is this?

ok, so new blogger...this page not so interesting. I feel like i'm missing something. It definitely looks like a blank page and it's sorta wiggin me out a bit. I didn't mind the other pages-clean and crisp. But this one needs to be centered in the middle of my screen not all the way at the damn top...bleh. ok and away we go...
  • Last night I discovered the Sci channel. The show Oddities was on. Very interesting show. I now want to visit the shop on my next trip to NY. I wonder what cool stuff i can find in there....Gerry loves skulls so i definitely will have to save up for a good one! 
in my google search I also found this:
tooo cute. this image can be found on shirts at
  • I will have to watch more history and science shows, because it's apparent I have been living under a rock my whole life. Albert Einstein's brain was removed 7 hours after his death?????? My reactions were: why? cool? oh my? why?  So, the pathologist removed Einstein's brain so he could study it. Dr Thomas Harvey says he couldn't find anything different about it, yet he cut it into 240 sections and kept in jars around his house. Well he started releasing sections of the brain to interested parties and they found lots of cool stuff about it-brain was wider, more glial cells than the same male his age of death, lacking a "wrinkle" found in most brains and read more about Einstein, because you will learn something, he was fascinating and you need to increase your intelligence since your brain is not as big as his...go to the following sites:
  • oh so now I see how this works...for those non blogger users, it got maybe i should just delete all of the blog, i keep my whinings. 
  • what is for dinner tonight???? Well, it has to be pork chops. That was what I had planned last night and it was met with a grimace and I was offered pizza. I'm so bad. I now have to think about this wedding in a month and how i cannot look like a blimp. blargh. Ok so what I want to make is marinated teriyaki pork chops. It doesn't sound bad at all. sure it's not pizza...but tonight's dinner will sorta look like this:
 thank you flicker for the pic!
  • Labor Day Weekend Approaches!!!! BBQ's, relaxation, sun, lots of sales!! Where did Labor day come from? Basically it has to do with Labor Unions and protecting workers from unfair labor practices. Read more about it here
Alright doves and bugs, I gotta boogie. I hope you enjoy your thursday!!! 

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