Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pretty darn relaxed.

Ok I feel guilty. I didn't do much this weekend. I sorta watched too much TV, took Bella on walks and threw the ball with her, ate with the neighbors and went to Tennessee Valley, but besides that I was a couch potato. Do I regret it? Hell NO. One may say I was a bit of a hermit, but when do i get to to do things like that? Never. I actually didn't mind coming back to work. Although working from my comfy couch would be a lot more fun for me.

  • I do have to admit that with my laziness, I changed the channels too much and I may have aggravated my wrist. Such hard work being lazy. Note to television executives: Have more interesting shows on holiday weekends. There were too many damn repeats. pfft.
  • Ok, wanna hear something embarrassing? Actually you can't because you're not here. But my stomach is singing...strangely, loud and A LOT. What the heck stomach the last two days you've been asleep around this time and you weren't hungry until two hours later. I have nothing to snack on. Maybe i just need some coffee.....
  • I was just asked if I wanted a kitten. Well I do, but I don't. If they need help finding it a home, I'll take the kitten. If they are just asking me if i would like to have a new pet, then no. At this point in time I'm so consumed in training Bella that a third kitty wouldn't be a good idea-even though Gerry would love it. I'm not over Key's passing anyways. But to find a kitty a brand new home yeah, i could definitely do that. 
  • Ok in all seriousness-Gerry's birthday is about a month away. I wanted to do the sky diving thing---for him...not with him...but he doesn't seems that amped up about it. I'm starting to freak out about what to do for him...We may go to Disneyland but that may be in November-we would get to miss halloweentown, which makes me a bit sad-really it's a lot of fun being there during Halloween. oh ideas where are you???? hmmm, singing telegram?
    ok i think i may have found a groovy site. It's called So maybe i don't want to get in a plane, but indoor skydiving? maybe??? How about horseback riding through Armstrong Woods? That would definitely be a me present....oooh whale watching in Monterey...we could make that a whole weekend thing....and i really really really want to go whale watching. ugh the possibilities are endless. I would love to be able to afford a helicopter ride or even a flying lesson for him. But I mean, i can't make every birthday crazy fun...i could definitely try, but i'm a bit broke. The site is awesome though and definitely has a lot of options. I may get something there......
Alright my dears. looks like blogger is being weird with their bullet points. I hope you all have a great day. I am pretty busy, so I hope you all had a great weekend. I know, I wasn't too interesting today...but i may be back if i have time.


Anna Gray said...

You mean you did not watch the never-ending repeats of the star wars movies on every man channel on cable this holiday weekend? WHAT WHAT WHAT? Don't worry, I didn't either. (:

Jacky aka Queenijax said...

I did notice that! i definitely missed out on the star wars weekend. too bad they only made three really good movies and the rest sucked!