Friday, September 23, 2011

I thought Bacon solved everything?

Coupla things about bacon and my AM....
  • I woke up this morning, weighed myself only to discover I lost the two pounds that I gained! So I decided to make some bacon....I now feel like I've gained those two pounds back. 
  • I thought the smell of bacon would wake Gerry up. It's a manly alarm clock, is it not? It didn't the poohead stayed in bed longer than he has this week. So not fair. 
  • I only had two pieces of bacon on top cheesey toast. I think i can go back to sleep. 
Enough about Bacon. I only had two pieces...super sad face here....
  • I had my eye exam yesterday. It cost me zero dollars. Apparently my prescription is the same, but my astigmatism has gotten a tad worse. Not too much, but probably enough to make me feel a bit discombobulated. lucky for me I found a great pair of glasses! I can't wait to get the call that they're ready. Thank you vision plan for saving me about 50% which still cost me out of pocket- 163 buckaroos. But they're my eyes and the only ones i got. So new rule is i should wear my glasses more-to prevent eye strain and the such. I will have a pair at home and a pair for work. Problem is my new glasses are too cute...How well i NOT want to take them home???? 
  • I'd like to thank the ASPCA for finally speaking up about dogs in pick up truck beds I'm hoping this issue gets dealt with accordingly-tickets, fines, etc. Too many animals get hurt because of riding in the back of a bed of a truck. I've actually seen the dog in the bed of the truck and NO ONE in the front seat...come on really????
  • Have i told you I probably won't be getting my ergo desk....boohoo
  • Do you need another addiction?? For some people it's Facebook, now with Pinterest forget it your time just went poof. Well for all of you who love clothing as much as i do there's something new....

delicate rain 

i had to make a new account, because i must have entered in the wrong email address me so smart. anyway, check out and have fun!!! so many different styles and it's really a blast to play with...seriously, i'm never gonna get anything done...
  • By the way. I think a thank you would have been in order in regards to me making bacon. i didn't get one. next time i should throw bacon at him. just kidding.
  • i'm not gonna tell you what's on ideeli...lots of pretty stuff. ok...and some cute stuff on hautelook...
  • forever 21 has knit dresses on sale. they're pretty cute 12.40!
  • must bring in pillow for my chair at lunch. 
  • One day shopping even on is it with me and shopping...people it's a problem, that i'm trying to make your
  • So I started Step 1 of my table. Which I promise to take and upload pictures. I'm a lazy bitch when it comes to doing that. I started cleaning the top of my table. Already looks pretty! haha. I didn't take a picture of the dirty table...sorry. Still have to clean it which i think will take a day and half. This project is keeping me happy.
  • Tonight I may make some lasagna. Not a heaping humongo tray of it, but a small yummy size. I did get those no boil noodles. Never used them before, i'm crossing my fingers. I have my homemade meat sauce, mozzarella, ricotta and noodles. I'll have to find something else to add, but i think i just want to keep it simple. Table is on my mind! oh and some cheesey bread. :)
Ok everyone, time to go. Have a great day and I will be back this weekend with pictures and the such!
i have to keep it random you know....

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