Thursday, September 22, 2011

go away bad craving.....

URRRGH...i don't like this...go away cravings....shoo..shooo.
Let's keep busy....

  • On the sports front! Congratulations my Yankees you've won the division championship!!!! you're on to the playoffs!!!

yup that is Jorge Posada, the catcher who broke the tied game!!!! 
  • oh pinterest...i'm addicted to you........lots of project ideas, food ideas, yadda yadda yadda. If you need an invite just send me a comment...i'll help you out. 
  • What else is there to write about??? haha..the news above is way better than anything I can
  • I get my eyes checked today! yay me! hopefully new lenses and i need a second set of frames. For those of you in NY who need if you're reading this..check livingsocial! great deal on an exam and eyeglasses!
  • I am trying a new look today. i really need an easier way to upload pics because I really can't from my silly phone...probably should look into a new phone, huh??? here's the trend...
I've got my own spin on it though. Jean skirt, brown t shirt and long sweater. Gerry said the skirt was too short. He's got me all worried someone will see something inappropriate. I need more skirts of longer length. not too long, because i like this look. I can feel punky, yet trendy at the same time. too bad my cute knee highs don't expose themselves fully. 
  • ok enough about fashion...making me sad. I just paid a lot of bills and don't have much to shop with, plus I think i just need to not shop for about a year. probably would be the best decision i'd make in a lifetime...
  • I am sanding this weekend....I hope. Gerry still hasn't taught me how. Sure i can grab what looks like a sander and go crazy, but i want to do it right. I could also check this video out....
I've never used a sander. this should be interesting!
 this is the stain i want for the top of my coffee table.
  • Californians:Write to Governor Brown to protect the sharks in our oceans. AB00376/Shark  I couldn't have made it any more easier for you. 
  • Checking in on Rise Against....Rise Against Events nope not in my part of the world...dammit. 
well doves and bugs, i gotta go. I saw that someone actually googled dinocorn!!!! I think he has to make an appearance soon....I have a couple of ideas, so keep yourself on red alert, check back often and if you care, send me some love. 

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