Monday, September 19, 2011

title schmitle.

I had to really think about a title this morning. I kept thinking "wish I could go back to sleep" or "what's wrong with 9:30 am nap time?" I'm always sleepy. That's the problem with writing a blog in the morning, you always wish you were in bed. I apologize for the repetitive desire to be sleeping.
  • ONE WHOLE FRIGGIN WEEK. I actually haven't bought a pack of smokes in a week. The first day I smoked 3 cigarettes. Second day-one, third day-one, 4th day-one, 5th day 1, 6th day 1/2, 7th day 1/2. Now I am pretty sure i can go without. I've weaned myself off. I pray I can just go a day. Miraculously I can actually go most of the day without really going crazy. I'm giving myself a medal for one week...
Maybe this will help keep me motivated. One week of weaning myself off nicotine done. Let's go on to week two!!!
  • So I quit smoking, yet I don't see any extra cash anywhere. I should have about 24 bucks laying around somewhere right??? i was smoking 4 packs of cigarettes which total about 24 bucks. I really would like that money because I think i want to buy a livingsocial deal for 20 yoga classes for 20 bucks. sigh. i love livingsocial.I have been doing yoga at home-can i tell you, i'm so sore in my tummy area...ouch. BUT it would be pretty cool if i could go to a class. It's an hour long though...I can only do 15 minutes of yoga right now, hmm maybe i can add 15 more minutes tonight. I'll let you know...
  • I want a tablet. like this one...
there are MANY reasons why i want one. #1 I can put this in my kitchen while I'm cooking and watch cooking videos or follow recipes. #2 I can watch a yoga video AND do yoga. #3 easy blogging. #4 while Gerry's on the laptop, i can play games on this! #4 I love to read and now i can buy ebooks and take this shnazzy thing everywhere...This is what I want for Xmas-of course I'm not sure if this is the best one or what, but someone needs to tell Gerry that it's on sale and I deserve it-I'm an awesome girlfriend. Also if you want this one here's a good deal courtesy of
  •  i still don't have a title and i'm awfully yappy so far...Anyone else love this song???
makes me want to dance my butt off...ok so I don't think i've ever really looked at Pitbull.... ok so he's pretty handsome in this pic..But look at the other ones...HE'S got ONE LOOK???? Stop that Mr. Pitbull....ok...
he's the mysterious spanish rapper pit bull. Now for some real American Pitbulls 
look at that sit. What a goooood sit!
look at that figure. lean and thin. focused pup.
wow if you actually google American Pitbull Terrier, you get a lot of dogs that ARE NOT pitbull terriers. Sorry but I refuse to call those muscley short dogs APBT's.  these dogs sort of look like English Bulldogs swallowed a pitty. According to the UKC any OVERPRONOUNCED feature that compromises the natural ability of the dog is a serious fault. Most people totally agree with that, yet some idiots think it's a good idea, these people shouldn't be breeding animals. 
American Staffordshire Terriers.
hmm, what's the difference between the pitty's and the staffys??? BUILD. Look at those ears. Here's what the AKC has to say about this breed. 
Here endeth the lesson. if you can't tell the difference between the two dogs than be honest and say I don't know. 
Can you tell which one BELLA is? Not like I haven't told you before....
If you can't answer, say I don't know. 
Ok I gotta get on with my day. I hope you enjoyed today. oh crap i need a title.

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