Thursday, September 29, 2011

So what do animals in costumes mean?

I woke up this morning and quickly remembered my dream. It was pretty vivid. I was getting coffee at the Starbucks in the neighborhood  I grew up in, went outside to smoke, looked across the street to where I hear Gerry yelling "there's no way i'm going down that street" I then see a line of people with their dogs dressed in costume. I thought it was great! we were going to have a doggy Halloween Parade. That's when I woke up. Smoking in my dream was a mindfuck. I thought to myself, why the hell am I doing that??? It did make me want coffee though.
  • What have you gotten out of pinterest? I can tell you honestly the wheels in my head are turning over and over. I have a lot of respect for it. I feel like the creativity in me has been re-lit. First off, I actually completed a project from pinterest and I think it came out pretty much how I wanted it too. I did have a melt down at first because it wasn't perfect. But once I asked Gerry for help I let my spin come out of it and here's what i got:

 I used some sandpaper to fix the edges. The tutorial didn't really talk about that part. I guess you have to use scissors well. I suck at cutting anything. BUT if you look closely, I antiqued my coasters!!! I really do love how these came out. Watch out you may get some this year for Christmas!!! The lighting in my house is too yellow..must do something about that.
  • I woke up yesterday with a thought. I need to take 30 pictures of Gerry and I. One each day for thirty days. Maybe I'll make a collage or something.  We need something above our bed. I want to make something personal. Our friend gave us this gorgeous mirror, but it's still not hanging above our bed, so maybe it's just not meant to be. If I make something light i think it may work....oooh, the wheels are a turning. I didn't take a picture this morning, I think taking pictures at different times of the day is probably a good idea. So I'll wait for tonight.
  • i bet you're wondering how my exercise regimen has been going. Pretty good. I went to the doctor the other day and when they weighed me, i almost broke down and cried. WHAT THE FUCK is what i want to say...scream really. I am not substituting food with smoking. My metabolism I thought was going as fast as I was/am. Some days i'm tired, but i still have energy. I keep myself busy. ugh...i guess my mind is moving faster than my body is. Well let me tell you what I try to do daily. Take Bella on hike-20 to 25 minutes, yoga 15 minutes. Last night I added weights, about 10 pushups, and a 3 minute wall squat. maybe about a good 50 minutes a day? i can't over do it or my back will punish me. Tonight no hike. The reason for that is the traffic for the farmers Market. I may take Bella somewhere else though and atleast give her some running time. 
  • So on Ideeli this poster or print or whatever by Milton Glaser. it's normally sold for 200 bucks, ideeli has it for 99. I don't get it. It's a poster. and why would you love NY more than ever. I did pin this on pinterest. mostly because I do love NY more than ever, but from far away. I couldn't live there, but I do dream about visiting. I would definitely love to afford a hotel over there and staying in the city and visiting my family, having enough money to afford shopping, food, a broadway play etc. It's expensive and I still have so much to show Gerry. I really want to take him a lot longer that 5 days. In time. 
  •  My dress for this weekend better fit me. 
  • it's only 9:40 and I feel like i'm going to crash. 
  • Do you ever feel like people don't understand you, no matter how many times you repeat yourself in different ways? Then when they say it in their way and it's the same thing you've been saying, you're like "that's what i was saying" you feel like a bitch for having to point that point made right at this very moment.  I need a vacation. I think i need to figure out when to take off like ASAP!
  • ok commence the crazy. gotta jet, but i leave you with...

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